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In the Anime/Manga Death Note, do You Think Kira or L is Righteous?

Asked by BBawlight (2432points) June 12th, 2012

Alright, this is for the fans who have seen/read the entire Death Note series. I want your opinion on Light Yagami, Kira, and L (By “L” I mean the title itself. Not the person- L Lawliet. As in “Near is L” or “Ryuzaki is L”). Then tell me which one you think is more righteous.

Now don’t go saying “You gave me a major spoiler!” in the answers, because I did say ‘this is for the fans who have seen/read the entire Death Note series’.
If you don’t know what Death Note is, I recommend you watch it. Here’s a link to the first Episode in HD.
It’s English Dub so bear with me.

Also: if the person’s real name isn’t stated in the anime/manga, then use their alias instead. Some people don’t know their real names and want to find out on their own. And don’t say “I like L because he’s uber smexy!!!!” for one, we’re talking about the title “L” not the person, and it doesn’t make good statistics if you do that. I want some thinking behind your answers.

So what do you think?

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Neither. L only takes on cases that interest him (my kind of guy), if it doesn’t pique his interest, it’s not worth his time. Kira starts out as a vigilante anti-hero of sorts but as soon as he killed the fake L in the PSA, he became the villain through and through.

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@King_Pariah Thanks. I think that’s so very true.

And don’t forget about Light, he was never “Kira” Light was the innocent high-schooler while “Kira” was the deranged psychopath killer. Please use those references.
Also: When speaking of L as a person, call him Ryuzaki, Mello, Near, etc. When speaking of L as a detective, call him “L”.
I forgot to add those details because I was being rushed.

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I’m not sure I can follow all your rules on referencing people. I, for one, think of Yagama and Kira as the same person. Two different outward personas perhaps, but the same person in the end. Of course, he wasn’t Kira to start out with, but he becomes Kira. (To quote eminem: I am whatever you say I am).

That being said, I think Yagami starts out more righteous but he doesn’t understand the consequences of what he is doing. Its a problem that comes up with a lot of bright kids. They don’t accept morally absolute rules on faith because they can see so many times they create bad results but they don’t really realize that these rules, although not perfect, actually end up leading to the best possible outcome because humans are fallible.

Later on though, I think he becomes less righteous and more obsessed with power and competing with L. He uses his righteousness as his excuse (which he probably believes himself) but really as you see him killing more and more good people it becomes harder for an outside observer to really believe that.

As for Ryuzaki, I agree with @King_Pariah that the fact that he only takes cases that interest him makes him less righteous but he keeps a sort of minimum level of righteousness. He won’t do things that are bad for society (or so it seems) but he doesn’t always do what’s best for society. Nonetheless, I’m okay with it because given his skills I don’t think its worth it for him to take smaller cases. The regular police, etc… can handle that. I would guess he knows that. As the series goes on, he doesn’t seem to fall below his minimum floor of morality.

As for the other “L’s” I can’t say really. I lost a lot interest when they came on the scene and I don’t really think about them as much.

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