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Does anyone know where I can find full moon wo sagashite in English?

Asked by SophieRAWR (19points) March 3rd, 2010

I usualy watch the film before I buy it like I did with Ouran high school host club (which ROCKS!) but I can’t find full moon wo sagashite in English. So if you have seen it pleese let me know what it is like and where I can find it.

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The only consistent way to obtain Anime is via bittorrent.
This version has Japanese audio and English subtitles. If you have the option, always go for that.

Before you download the torrent file you need a bittorrent client, like Āµtorrent or bitlord. If you are connected to the internet via a router you will have to forward the port(s) the client uses for connection. Consult your router’s manual for that. Also make sure that your firewall permits the client to connect to the net.

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these are all direct downloads. you click on each episode and you’ll go to another page and it will have options for where you want to download from stick to “” and “” and “” and “” they are fairly reliable sites to download from. no extra software. i don’t know if you want dubbed or subbed, but this site is all subbed unless it says otherwise. (i watch a ton of anime, i highly recommend fansubs over dubbs so much better, and much closer to the actual translation)

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for sreaming anime: and are my go-to sources.
For downloading: torrents, obviously!

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i used trishacupcake on youtube, but them i went to veoh and in the search box i put in Full Moon episode 5 english dub

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from episode 1–26 i think its in eng dub where you can find just searching on google, but after the rest you can find in eng sub on google.

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