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Methods on how to fall asleep?

Asked by JasonH (107points) May 30th, 2008

sleepless nights

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take ambien… Drink warm milk, drink alcohol, count sheep, watch tv, smoke “something”, listen to soothing music, search fluther

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its funny you ask, because I am currently reading “Powerful Sleep – Secrets of the Inner Sleep Clock” by Kacper Postawski. Of course, 4:30 AM isn’t the best time to be reading a book but my schedule is pretty whack as it is (thus the need to read the book). When I am done reading, I will let you know the tips it offers. But for now, have you tried drinking some milk or noncaffeinated tea? How about using your mp3 player? I usually never have trouble sleeping, because I sleep so little, but when I do, it helps me to force myself to keep my eyes shut and try to focus on a blank screen (in my mind) and forbid my brain from thinking about anything but the blank screen….if that makes any sense.

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sarbee you nailed

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Okay, nevermind, I decided to skip ahead just for you :). The author talks about various techniques to help fall asleep. To prevent your mind from constantly jumping from one thought to another, he recommends visualizing each thought you. For example, if you think “I need to pick up books from the library tomorrow”, literally imagine the words (the spelling of all the words) being written down, and then imagine the same sentence in slow motion like “I neeeeddddddddd tooooo piiiiccckkk”, this helps you focus on one particular thought instead of having 20 other ones, and doing the slow motion thing is supposed to help incur sleep. He also suggests a warm shower, or changing your room temperature to cool since its easier to fall asleep in a cooler room (you obviously don’t want to be FREEZING either, but you get the picture!). Okay, hope that helps!

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my favorite thing to do when I can’t sleep is make myself some Tension Tamer Tea (by Celestial Seasonings) and either read or do some Sudoku puzzles.

Other than that warm milk with a little butter in it is good.

Or if I have something on my mind I will try to just get up and watch tv or do something else until I can fall asleep.

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Drink camomile tea, or have a sauna.

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I seldom have problems sleeping, but when I do (I am so going to get a trashy rep here…) have some trouble I do like to imagine, shall we say, sexy things. Setting a scenario and playing it out in my head lets me escape whatever I was thinking previously (Did I send that check? Was I wrong to fire that guy? Will I get sued?) and I generally fall asleep before getting to the good parts : ) Sometimes, though, I do get to the good parts and then I have another method of falling asleep…............

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Melatonin (after consulting your doctor), meditation, organizing your sleep enviornment to only accomadate sleep and nothing else ( no tv, studying, or eating in your sleep space). Set a sleep schedule, avoid caffine after 5pm, journal about all of the left over random thoughts in your head before bed so that you process them and move on to sleep.

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Maybe not the best solution but what has been working for me lately is a couple glasses of wine, turning off the lights, closing my eyes, and listening to This American Life. Then the trick is staying asleep. Still working out that one.

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Visualize walking along a very pleasant path, including all the sights, and various sensory experiences to enrich your sense of being in there. Visualization brings you one step closer to dreaming, and the pleasant surroundings are soothing. With practice, the path may be experienced as your own unique path to sleep. This is also very helpful in interrupting brain-stimulating thought loops (

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