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Have you ever done anything out of spite?

Asked by nikipedia (28071points) June 13th, 2012

I did, and I thought I would feel guilty, but I just don’t.

What’s your spiteful story?

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I have acted out of spite and the times I did with someone dear to me, I regret. Otherwise, everyone else will get a sincere apology the day I enter Heaven.

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Heh…once I threw my ex husbands glasses across the room when he was in the shower and both lenses popped out! lol
I popped them back in and a few days later he came home and said ” Wow…it was the weirdest thing, I was driving and all of a sudden the lens feel out of my glasses!”
“Oooh, that IS strange!” lololol

I’m not really of a spiteful nature I’m much more the direct type, no need for spite I’ll just tell you how I feel to your face and leave you verbally whiplashed.
Spite is not nearly as rewarding as a well timed pouncing!

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Cling-film over the toliet in a church, bless you father.

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When I was quite young my mother made me cycle to the local shop to get some stuff. I didn’t want to go even though she said I could get myself a packet of fruit gums. I had to go but I was so pissed off that out of spite I decided not to keep the fruit gums and instead I left them in some waste ground. I thought better of it quite quickly and went to look for them but they were gone.

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My ex wife and I had just finished an argument, but were still mad at each other. Her clothes were in the dryer, so I asked her to take them out so I could put mine in. She said no, so I took her clothes out and threw them on the floor.

I regret nothing.

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@flutherother Sooo, you spited yourself? lol
@Blackberry Too bad she didn’t wear glasses you could have knocked the lenses out of them too. haha

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I refused to eat my fathers favorite foods, because it is my passive aggressive ways to protest my father being an ass.

My father died last year, and it am trying to re add to my safe to eat foods.

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