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What are some odd things you do to reject someone?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24357points) November 6th, 2023

For example:

My father tried forcing me to finish my chocolate milk shake, when I was a toddler and from that I refused any foods that he likes till he died last year. Like onions, peppers, olives, chocolate flavored drinks.

What weird minor thing do you do for spite?

Humor welcome.

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I don’t know if ‘spite’ is the word I would use.

My late grandfather, who was in a concentration camp pre-WW2, and then thrown out of Germany, would never buy anything from Germany after the war up to his dying day. Cars, chocolates, art – anything German was not to be purchased or enter his home.

I don’t have any crazy mishegas like that. I won’t eat at cafeterias because I think they’re disease carriers, but that’s not the same.

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I have spent most of my rejecting most products for which I can remember an annoying ad. I have a good memory and am annoyed by most ads.

I also use the Buycott app to detect and avoid most products from companies whose politics and practices I disagree with.

From about age 10 to 17, I mostly boycotted Coca-cola products, in favor of 7-UP.

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Im not a spiteful person, so nothing really.

That said, with people, I’m a big fan of “leaving the ball in their court”. Meaning that if I’m in a relationship with someone (friend, family, work, etc.) and it starts to feel lopsided or not valuable or enriching, I’ll leave it to them to contact me next, or plan our next get together/meeting.

And, guess what? 90% of the time I do that, I never hear from them again.

That ball just remains in their court.

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I don’t do “odd things” to reject someone, and neither do mature people. Excluding something from my life because another person liked it is a passive aggressive immature behavior.

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The only thing I can think of has to do with movies and musicians. I didn’t watch Friends for years because of its popularity. Same with Seinfeld and a number of others. When I finally watched them I loved them! Silly me…I was only hurting myself by denying myself pleasure.

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I turned 5 and grew up.

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