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Do you prefer a boss who identifies as the same gender as you or do you prefer working for an opposite sexed person?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14664points) June 18th, 2012

I am curious as to your preferences and impressions over your career.

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I prefer a boss who is competent. Gender makes absolutely no difference to me whatsoever.

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@Rarebear beat me to my own answer.

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Their gender hasn’t mattered to me.

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In general, I have had better luck with female bosses. But I have had a good male boss, as well. My worst boss was male. So that about covers it.

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Efficiency, fairness, reasonableness, either gender, and I’ll take the job. (assuming it’s one for which I’m qualified)

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I’ve done well with both. Every boss I’ve ever had loved me. Except one narcissistic ADHD lunatic. Who was still pretty good to me, to be honest.

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I’ve like pretty much every boss I’ve ever had, male or female. The worst boss I ever had was male, but so was the best one.

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Although I am lucky in this, I DON“T prefer a boss whoever that may be!

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I had this sexy female boss once, wore smart business suits, tight skirts & blouses strategically unbuttoned revealing a pert cleavage that drew my eye towards…..ahem, yeah, i’m not bothered which sex my boss is either….honestly.

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Because I was socialized female, I have tended to get along better with female bosses. But my boss right now is male, knows I am trans, and is both highly competent and kind.

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I prefer to be my own boss, but I’ve done better with male bosses than female.

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I’ll be the lone dissenter here. (cowering from the volley of rotten tomatoes)
I’m a straight male and (all competencies being equal) preferred a straight male for a boss or coworker.
Why? There was never any ambiguity. There was no chance of a side dalliance when alcohol and motel rooms are thrown into the mix. The conversations were more colorful and relaxed. I did not have to worry about innocently saying something wrong that might be misinterpreted.
Before I get pummeled, let me make it clear, I am not a sexist pig. Competency clearly over rules sex, gender, whatever… But if I am gong to be locked in an altitude chamber for 6 hours while working on a project, I prefer my partner/coworker be a another guy.

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@LuckyGuy : I’m not sure who would throw tomatoes at you based on your response; that seemed pretty reasonable to me… What kind of work do you do in an altitude chamber?

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I’ll PM you. (after I wash off the tomatoes)

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@LuckyGuy : Looks like your pre-emptive cowering prevented the tomato barrage!

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I’ve only had one female superior, and only then because of hardships which had forced me to take a job I normally wouldn’t have taken. Generally my line of work is completely female free, so my experience with female bosses is limited to just one. To me it is personality and competence that matter the most to me, not gender/sex.

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