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Othello Essay Help?

Asked by mcsnazzy (434points) June 19th, 2012

I am writing an english exam tomorrow on Othello and the topic will be the role of jealousy. What should the body paragraphs be based upon? It can be character based, but I’m unsure of my supporting evidence.

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Have you read the play?

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It’s too late for me to edit my first answer, so sorry for the double post.

You should study closely the actions of Iago and his interactions with Othello. Read carefully what Iago says and how Othello allows it to affect him.

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yes i’ve read the play! and thank you! i wrote down some quotes and am looking at how they developed themes and plot and character.

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Oooh, good choice. They’re doing Othello at the Shakespeare in the Park this year; a very compelling story.
If you need padding, you might relate the role of jealousy as depicted in the play to other examples in other famous works.

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Building on @Nullo‘s point, it might also impress the examiners if you discuss why it is valuable to study the human emotion of jealousy and its consequences today. (In other words, the “so what” factor: Why are we still reading Othello? Why is your response important BEYOND the fact that you have to write an exam?) This is the kind of advice I give my students when they have to write essays.

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