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What would be a good introduction sentence to my "Nature V.S. Nurture" essay?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2779points) November 5th, 2011

I have to write an essay for class discussing the controversial “Nature V.S. Nurture” argument, and I have to choose which one I think has a bigger effect on a person’s developing personality.
I have all the pieces of the essays put together, I have an outline even, but I simply, no matter how hard I try, I CANNOT think of a good sentence to start the introductory paragraph with. Any pointers/tips/ideas? Thank you!

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Is there such a thing as a bad seed?

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I’m going to discuss a been there, done that concept that has been done many, many, oh so many times before, most notably in the movie Trading Places.

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Don’t make a huge mistake at the outset: It’s not “Nature V.S. Nurture”. The common abbreviation for “versus” is “vs.”, not “V.S.”

Other than that, why don’t you take a shot here at a few of your choices, and we’ll tear them apart for you. I’d hate to give you my ‘killer introduction’ and deprive you of the chance – and learning opportunity – to invent your own.

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Every day people are born, the result of the binding together of two separate sets of genes and and chromosomes and DNA. From that day forward human beings, with their unique chemistry are bombarded with stimuli from their external worlds. What happens next?

Then tell them what happens next.

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In the case of sociopathy there is strong evidence of abnormalities in the pre-frontal cortex that regulates emotional response and the ability to feel empathy.

Do some research on sociopathic behavior which IS the root of all evil.

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Congratulations, it’s a beautiful baby boy! He has his father’s nose and his mothers bright eyes, but who will this baby be when he grows up? Was he born to be a trouble maker or will his loving parents be able to temper him to be more thoughtful? When does “nature” concede to “nurture’? This is one of the great questions we humans have expressed but attempting to answer it seems to create more questions. It is a real “head scratcher.” Here, I will explain my stance on the great debate “Nature vs. Nurture.”

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Millions of dollars were thrown at the Human Genome Project because its supporters claimed it would identify every human idiosyncrasy to its corresponding gene. To this end, the project failed. continue from there

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I agree with @CWOTUS that it would have been better to show us something. Let me propose: “Both heredity (“nature”) and environment (“nurture”) strongly influence the developing organism. Which is dominant?” or something like that.

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Are you actually required to choose which one you think has a bigger effect on a person’s developing personality? That’s still part of the controversy, I believe. No one knows which, or even if, one does have a bigger effect on personality development. But do have to pick one, then I guess you have already done that. If you arguing one position or the other, I think your first sentence should be a brief summary of the issue like and then you need a thesis statement that says what your position on the issue is. That you intend to argue that it is one or the other.

This a quick example.

Whether personality development in humans is more influenced by our experiences, “nurture,” or more influenced by our biology, “nature,” has long been, and remains, a matter of controversy. I would argue that the evidence supports that personality development is more the result of the influences of…

Though, I think @gasman wording is pretty good.

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@lillycoyote Why, thank you, Miss Lilly! ~

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You could try watching this video
It might give you new ideas.
One of the points raised is that there is a third, decisive factor in development: developmental noise. Basically it means that this noise is the reason that even genetically identical twins raised in identical environments will not grow up identical. It is also the reason that the fingerprints on your left and right hand are different.
You could point that out in the introduction.

An example of that.
(also covered in the video.)

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@gasman I’ve been out of school for a long time and even then, I could only write papers under particular circumstances and by following a particular sequence of steps, I will only divulge here that it involve a particular alchemy, a mixture of actual knowledge, a certain degree of native intelligence, reasonably good verbal skills and sheer panic; the final steps of the process generally being waiting until the day before the paper was due, locking myself in my room and, almost magically, pulling a reasonably well written, halfway decent paper out of my ass. :-) And I would always do a lot of editing and tweaking, so unless the OP wanted my answer tomorrow, after I’d tweaked my opening paragraph, I had to post something rough.

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Controversy will always exist on what is the dominant factor in human development. My essay will not solve this dilemma, such is the state of the debate, but merely point out the extent, degree and passion that has occurred in the annals of behavioural science.

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Thank you guys SO SO SO much for your help!

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Nature vs nurture, is really just as simple as either or?

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