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What do I need to talk in schools? (UK)

Asked by ModernEpicurian (1638points) June 20th, 2012

I was considering organising talks in local schools regarding the environment and local issues.

However, I started to wonder, will I need any form of documentation from local councils? Will I need any form of qualification?

Any help, advice or links would be most appreciated.

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In California you have to have your police clearance before you can go to schools. I suggest you join an organization that represents the values you are interested in. Look on the volunteer site.

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@ModernEpicurian you will need a CRB check other than that I dont think there is any major documentation required although individual schools may require you to complete risk assessments or similar documentation depending on the nature of your talks and if it includes any practical work for you or the children. I would expect the school would require you to have qualifications in the environment and or local issues or at least relevant experience. It may be best to contact local schools directly and ask what they would require from you as each school may have different requirements.

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Actually, the crb check may not be a requirement if you’re only giving talks to groups and will never be left alone with them. Talk to a friendly school that you perhaps already have a link with and let them be your guide.

(I work in schools all the time. I am crb checked because I regularly work one to one, but for schools where I am visiting just to do a group workshop it hasn’t been a requirement. The rules keep changing on where a crb check is valid depending on who applied for it. Years back, if you had a crb check it could be relevant at other establishments too. Then it went through a period where every different establishment had to apply for a crb check for you, regardless of whether you already had one still in date. Now it’s returned to the more common sense approach. It’s a long-ish process waiting on paperwork, and it costs the school money, so they are unlikely to do one for a one-off visit.)

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