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What could explain this odd Facebook friend-list idiosyncrasy?

Asked by TexasDude (25264points) June 20th, 2012

I recently made a new friend and subsequently added her on facebook. I went to go send some things to her in a message as we talked via text and I found that she and I suddenly weren’t friends anymore, and I could send a friend request again. I asked her about it and she said she didn’t recall deleting me. I looked on Facebook mobile on my phone, and she was still listed as my friend with a viewable profile- not so on my laptop. I cleared my cache on my phone and laptop internet, both, and tried again. She’s still listed as a friend on my mobile browser, but not on my regular internet connection. I’m not offended or anything, but I’m just curious as to what could cause such a bizarre discrepancy.

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Which device did you use to add her? It may be that the Facebook Mobile server isn’t talking to the main server. Apparently, that sort of thing happens.

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@Nullo I used my computer to add her, and that’s where I was initially informed she accepted from. Nice xkcd comic, btw.

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Maybe you can try friending her on the PC again. Can a mutual friend check your statuses relative to each other?
XKCD usually manages to be relevant.

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Facebook mobile always seems to have a mind of its own compared to computer Facebook. I’m always getting notifications I checked on my computer already or checked them on my computer and they show up on my phone as new again.

A couple weeks ago a friend of my friends added me. I’d never talked to her (that I know anyways, could’ve met at a convention and forgot. lol) But I added her. Then she posted on my page that she was really sorry for denying my friend request earlier ‘cause FB mobile was messing up. I was confused, because I didn’t send her a friend request. I’d clicked on her page because she was tearing up my friends’ pages while they were all at a convention together. But I didn’t click the add button. So I don’t know what happened. But now we’re FB friends.

So glitches I suppose. /:

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Thanks everyone. I’ll chalk it up as a weird glitch.

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It’s been glitching for me too, and I don’t use any kind of mobile device. I think Facebook is just glitchy lately like that.

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