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If you reside in the US, do you spell it theater or theatre?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30549points) June 21st, 2012

And why?

I spell it theater, because that’s what I was taught.

This question was prompted by a local theater’s use of both spellings on the same poster. :/

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(Not American. We use “theatre” and “centre” over here in Canada).

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I’ve always seen it spelled “theater”, excerpt when used as part of a theater’s name.

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I use both.
“Theater” for places to see movies, and “Theatre” for artistic venues.

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According to this,, either spelling is correct. Perhaps it depends on how you were taught to spell it. Like @Yetanotheruser, I usually see it spelled “theater”, except when it’s part of the theater’s name.

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Of course, we use the Queen’s English over here. “Colour” and “neighbour”.

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My seventh grade teacher emphasized that BOTH were correct and it was a matter of personal preference which one we used. (She was a bit of an anglophile). She also said we could pronounce it THEE-uh-ter or thee-AY-ter.

I pronounce “theater” as “THEE-uh-ter.”

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Theater. Doesn’t everyone?

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I spell it the correct way, theatre. If I were to relocate to Outer Mongolia or the jungles of darkest Peru, this would remain consistent.

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Locally they use theater for the motion picture halls and theatre for live performance halls.

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Theater, just because that’s how I was taught.

Both spellings are correct.

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Theater, because I don’t have a queen.

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I make the same distinction that @sinscriven does. Theater is for movies. I am a retired assistant director of a performing arts theatre.

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Theater, unless the theatre itself uses theatre.

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What is this display of linguistic dong shaking? The correct way to spell it is how a given society spells it. Pick whichever you want, but don’t pretend you spell it “correctly” because someone who sits on a throne might spell it the way you do.

So far as I know, only Americans spell it “theater,” and it was probably either one of the spelling reforms Noah Webster introduced or followed them to their logical conclusion.

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Theatre because I like it better.

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“Theater,” unless I’m trying to annoy someone, or if it seems more appropriate.

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I tend to go the way as @WestRiverrat er for film and re for live. Unless I come up on someone who is insistent on one spelling or the other, in which case I’ll use the other to pull their chain.

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Ah, but how many pronounce them differently?

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I’m somewhere in between @sinscriven and @marinelife.

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