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When is the right/good time to tell someone you like them?

Asked by jackieee (16points) June 23rd, 2012

i like him a lot, and for a long time now.

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Don’t waste another minute, and tell him the next time you will see him.
Even better, call or text him now.

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I don’t know how hard you’ve been trying to hide it but people can tell that you like them even when you don’t tell them, just by the things you say/do the way you say/do them.

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What does this mean? Like him? I like a lot of people. I don’t necessarily feel I have to say anything.

Now if I were to love someone and wasn’t sure how they felt about me, then I’d wonder what to say and when to say it. I generally don’t tell someone I love them unless I am pretty sure they love me, too.

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Anytime that you feel it.

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@jackieee : I am in the middle of the same quandary as you. I just got back in touch with someone I was in love with four years ago; we had a wonderful time hanging out, and I still feel the same way about him. And I’ve got all sorts of cultural obstacles in knowing how to navigate this, because we are from different countries. But I’m not sure it’s something that anyone on the Internet can advise you on, especially when you give so little detail about your situation…
The only thing I can think to say to you without knowing anything about what you’re going through is… Anytime is a good time if you are not worried about what might happen to your friendship. If that is a concern, then you should probably proceed with more caution and try to feel things out before you bring it up.

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They won’t know unless you say something.

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Just follow your instinct. Tell him and see his response. There is no other way about it.

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I’ve always believed that relationships should start mutually, not with a designated pursuer and pursuee. I would suggest keeping it simple, though I don’t know your exact situation here, nor the type of guy he may be. I would say that if his feelings are mutual than he will appreciate your efforts. Don’t pursue him though, and leave him do something as well.

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