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Which Wrestle Mania was the best!

Asked by butters326 (17points) May 30th, 2008 from iPhone

My favorite was 24
floyd mayweather match,ric flair last match an so much more

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Wrestle Mania? What’s that? oh you mean the current Democratic race? Yeah its the best!

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The Rock vs. Austin.

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XX. I will never forget the confetti falling as Eddie Guerrero came to the ring to hug Chris Benoit.

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FIVE!!! Come on Macho Man vs. Hogan!!

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my two favourites are 3 and 17.

steamboat vs. savage, and hogan vs. andre

rock vs. austin, TLC 2, and the most ridiculous… vince vs. shane with a comatose linda mcmahon wheeled down to ringside by trish stratus… amazing.

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For me it was WrestleMania 19 hands down. Michaels and Jericho was the most underrated match of all time in my opinion. Also it had Hogan/McMahon Rock/Stone Cold Lesnar/Angle…. What more could you want? It was awesome…


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