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How can I stop my Xbox from signing into Messenger?

Asked by richardhenry (12692points) May 30th, 2008

I set it up, and have more recently decided that this is a terrible idea. Does anyone know how? More annoyingly, it always signs me out on my MacBook if I turn my Xbox on. Grrr…

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When signed into Xbox Live, press the Xbox button and then go to Personal Settings. Choose Windows Live Messanger then just choose your Sign-In options.
Or, ponder around and find “Auto Sign-In”

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Hmm… all I get is ‘online status’, where I can choose to Appear Offline. Are you sure the option to prevent signing into Messenger is under personal settings? Thanks for the reply though, it’s appreciated.

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Ok you need to click on your profile ( the one signed into xbox live ) then click on account settings…. auto sign in is an option at the very bottom and you can enable or disable it for xbox live and winows messenger .

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That sorted it! Thank you!

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