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What do you trim your body hair for?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14664points) June 27th, 2012

I am in discussions with a person who shaved her legs for a meeting that was disappointing. She seems upset that she went to all that trouble for a wasted opportunity.

What occasions in your life are sufficient to make you embark on hair-scaping? When do you feel like such efforts are wasted?

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Anytime there’s a minute chance I may end up naked in front of someone: swimming or at the beach, if I plan on trying to meet someone when I go out, or before dates.

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Were you talking to me? Because I feel the same way that girl did. I hate going through the trouble and taking the time to shave and pluck multiple areas and no one is going to see or experience it! I do maintenance every week, when in bathing suits or the summer time when more skin is exposed.

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I seem to recall that I used to shave my legs when I went on a date. I don’t really remember as it has been such a long time since I’ve dated.

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This morning, I woke up, got in the shower, decided I didn’t need to (read:was to lazy to) shave my legs. Then I put on my clothes, stared at my legs in the mirror for three minutes, debating on whether I actually needed to do it. Took off the clothes, got back in the shower, shaved my legs. Got out of the shower, lotion, clothes.

It was a process. I spent a good 20 minutes thinking about whether I would go through the the 3–4 minute misery that is shaving.

My best friend and I joke that we can tell how much we like a guy based on if we are motivated to shave our legs for them. We aren’t really joking.

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@athenasgriffin, that is funny. I once had a female friend who wouldn’t shave her legs on early dates with a guy she really liked, to avoid temptation to be naked.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought We tend to hope for the temptation rather than avoid it. ;)

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When my facial hair starts catching food I know it’s time for a trim.

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It’s not done for a special occasion, it’s just part of my daily routine.

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Because I don’t want him to be picking hairs out of his teeth!

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought I have started to do that the older I get. Trying not to jump some guys bones, so I don’t shave and therefore am not tempted to take my clothes off! I can be quick to jump into the sack, so I’m trying to slow it down ;)

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I don’t. I’m half Asian, haha. Still waiting for some more to grow in.

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I shave so I don’t look like a neanderthal.

Also, the feeling of hairy legs when you’re under the bed sheets is quite an annoyance.

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I don’t shave/wax for other people. I do it for myself or not – depending on my mood, the weather etc. It is just part of being groomed.

I can’t imagine ever feeling like I had wasted my time because I groomed before meeting someone. I could imagine being disappointed that I didn’t connect with a person but not because I wasted time getting ready.

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I sometimes shave off my entire pubic area because it makes my penis look like a startled snake, this amuses my child-like mind.

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For not looking like an ancient mammoth!

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Underarms get shaved every time I shower. Legs, not so much. I shave my legs when it gets so hot that I want to wear shorts (if I’m wearing cropped pants, I can get away with just shaving the lower half of my lower leg). When I must wear a dress or a swimsuit. When I feel like it (not terribly often). My leg hair is blonde, so I don’t look like a yeti. :p

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I don’t shave so I will look like a scary neanderthal!~

Actually, I manage my hair for coolness—the heat kind, not the social kind.

Also, I will have my eyebrows trimmed because my wife makes a special request.

I try to keep my nose clean, too, because most people seem to find nose hair gross. I always check before I am about to make an appearance in front of anyone who matters.

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If the shower is nice and warm and I don’t want to get out yet!

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It depends. Most times, I just like to feel good about myself, so I shave– underarms, legs, naughty bits. It’s nice to be smooth! Sometimes, I’ll shave for sexytimes with my SO, even if I don’t really care about being stubbly. I don’t really shave my legs in the winter, but the hair is hardly noticeable.

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It’s just part of my grooming and not for any special occasions. Smooth skins feels good to stroke or rub against, to me. Like others, I don’t like picking hair off my tongue.

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Competitive swimming sometimes.

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It has become what I am used to now. At first just did it to see what it was like.

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Would facial hair be considered the same as body hair? I don’t usually shave my body hair, except that which grows out of my nose and ears, social grooming, as @wundayatta. I trim my beard on an occasional basis, usually before some social occasion. Underarms, pubes, chest, legs, all pretty much natural.

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