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Are you blessed more than you deserve?

Asked by seVen (3472points) May 30th, 2008 from iPhone
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Who is to say whether it is “more than I deserve”? I do feel that I have been very blessed in my life, especially when I look around and see the suffering of others around the world.

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I have a lovely wife, great kids, and wonderful grand children. I truely am blessed. I don’t know if it is more than I deserve, but I do feel blessed.

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In more detail, I have just enough to make myself happy, nothing fancy just enough to live a life I can say is one I’m happy I have.

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I don’t know about more than I deserve but I am definetly blessed and grateful. I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful home, pleanty of food, great pets, electronics, a nice vehicle. Friends & family, heat when it’s cold & air conditioning when it’s hot. You get the idea. I have nothing to complain about! Sometimes I think in the hustle & bustle of everyday life we take things for granted.

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I don’t believe in blessings, but good fortune or luck perhaps. Either way, who decides how much of it you deserve and how could that be enforced? (and God is not an answer that’ll work for me)

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I definitely think I’m more blessed than I deserve. I haven’t really done anything or had any positive effect on the world to deserve the good life I was basically born into.

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@wildflower, what did you mean when you said you didn’t believe in blessings?

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@trustinglife I don’t believe in the concept of blessings (where would they come from? who dishes them out?). I also don’t believe in sending positive thoughts out in the universe, etc. But, I do believe in sometimes being more fortunate than others (although not in any particular pattern for any particular reason) and that you can influence your surroundings by your attitude.

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At this moment in my life I do feel “blessed”. I made some wise business moves 10 years ago and they are paying off more than I could have exspected.

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