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Why do you work out?

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) July 2nd, 2012

I work out but not because I like it. I work out because I know it is good for me and because I know I should. My husband on the other hand loves to work out and gets really cranky when he can’t get it done. So why do you work out?

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Muscle tone, body shaping, cardiovascular efficiency, sharper mental capability, enhanced self esteem.

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I like food but I hate being fat.
Also, because I don’t want to have to have a walker when I’m 80. ( I don’t like it either. )

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I do it in an attempt to control my feelings and my level of stress and other unpleasant feelings.

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I feel better when I do and I have more energy to do things. Once I get in a consistent routine it’s hard for me to stop because I feel great. No more backaches and I can sleep better at night. I’m the type of person who can’t sit still, but I can also become very lazy if I allow my body to rest too much and not stick to a routine. I try to listen to my body and I can feel it when I need to get up and moving.

I’ve also read that one of the characteristics of cancer survivors is being active. My cousin was given a death sentence last year with stage IV brain cancer. He was told he only had about a year to live. This man has always been active and he continued when he had the energy after chemo. He is now in remission and back on his bicycle.

Being active does a body good. That’s reason enough for me to like it.

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I like to dance, I like to swim. I like that it probably keeps my heart healthier. I definitely am stronger than when I don’t work out. I wish it did more to help me lose weight. It’s better than not exercising, but my weight is most affected by what I eat.

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Because -
1. It helps me to put on muscles, and look better than being just thin. It builds confidence.
2. I pass the day energetic. When I don’t work out, it seems a boring day.
a day without work out and a day after work out
3. I sleep less. Of course, over exercising will make me sleep more.
4. I stay healthy for a long time. If I feel sick for two days, I become thin. I have to work hard to recover. It takes around a couple of months.

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Because I don’t want to be fat, and the military says I have to to get paid, lol.

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I initially started working out when I noticed that I was getting out of breath running up stairs. My kids were older and could be left alone for an hour so I started running. I then realized just how much I missed it. I find that running helps enormously with my stress levels, keeps my unruly period in check, has massive beneficial effects on my blood pressure and reversed a condition I had called Raynaud’s phenomenon.

I added in weight lifting when I was told to stop running due to compartment syndrome issue problems. Once I had the compartment syndrome surgically fixed I decided to keep the weight lifting as I progressed from not being able to do one push up to being able to do 35…all in a row.

I just feel better and I’m happier.

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Basically cause I feel better and have more energy and don’t get worn out as easily.

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Pardon me but I so despise this question right now because I can’t answer it! I hope I could begin working out soon! : )

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@mazingerz88 boy do I agree and sympathize! Wish I could also answer proudly!

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I just got in from a 30km bike ride that went up major hills and back down again. It was hard but my hubby and I piled through. This is what I love about working out: I have the muscle strength and stamina to do things like this.

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It feels good!

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Love to work out! Makes me feel fresh.

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Lose weight.

I agree with the other people here, too. It makes you feel good.

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Because it is necessary aspect of maintaing good health.

Other reasons include:
It helps to keep me physically and physiologically strong.
It feels good.
It is challenging.
It can be fun.
It is good for the brain.
I love it.

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So I don’t turn into an amorphous lump of fat.

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Because working out is like eating fruits and vegetables. It’s essential for long-term health. And after a while it’s fun. And it feels good afterwards when enjoying the brain’s self-made natural drugs.

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I don’t really enjoy working out but I do it because I want to remain slim and toned. That is really the only reason. Women of a certain age are always saying to me “I used to be as slim as you once” and it feels a bit like a backhanded compliment, what they really mean is “you’ll lose your figure like I did!” this worries me so I try and make the effort to keep fit before it’s too late so I never have to say to someone “I used to be as slim as you”!

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@Leanne1986 I am a woman of a certain age and I get annoyed when people say that shit. I have managed to remain in good shape mostly because I try to watch what I eat and have worked out fairly regularly over the years.

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@SuperMouse I think a lot of the women that say that to me are using age to justify their larger frames as the ones I know well don’t do much to maintain a slim figure but probably don’t want to admit that they could be a bit more proactive about it rather than finding something to blame. I also know a lot of women of the same age who do keep themselves in shape and look bloody good for it so I know that hitting a certain age doesn’t automatically mean that you pile on the pounds.

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I’m working out because I had two 300-calorie beers last night.

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