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What can I do with lavender and rosemary?

Asked by silverfly (4040points) July 2nd, 2012 from iPhone

I bought some rosemary and lavender because I love the smells but now I don’t know what to do with them.

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Dried, or fresh? Put them in little sachet bags and put them tuck in your linen closet to scent your sheets. If you’re crafty, make your own soaps. Make lavender ice cream. Make pretty little bottles of rosemary infused olive oil to give as gifts. Create lavender sugar.

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Rosemary is commonly used when cooking lamb although it is an herb that I personally dislike.

Lavender can be tied into a tussie-mussie with some pretty ribbon and laid in drawers or in linen closets.

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I read a book once where someone had lavender-scented stationary, if that helps any.
If you bought them for the smell, then use them someplace where you can smell ‘em.

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I would cook with them. Way too many food ideas to list. The thought of making loose leaf tea also came to mind, especially with the lavender. I like to make infused olive oil with rosemary and fresh peppercorns (not ground pepper).

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it would never occur to me to steep lavender for a tea.

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bath salts

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Put the lavender in with some chocolate, maybe of the hot cocoa variety. I normally steep some in a small (1–2 TBSP) amount of hot water, then add that to my hot cocoa. (This can also be done with any tea).

Make flavored simple syrup.

@gailcalled It’s wonderful in tea. When I’m having trouble getting to sleep, some chamomile, lavender, and valerian root often does the trick.

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You mean plants? You either put them in your garden or you put them in pots that you can bring in during the cold winter months of the North. Are they big bushes? or just small table top plants.

Rosemary is a lovely herb to cook with. You can also throw springs in olive oil with some garlic and you have a nice flavoured oil. There is a lot of essential oils in rosemary and it is a strong antioxidant. Here is a good link about rosemary.

You can harvest the lavender and, depending on your climate, you can cut back the bushes really hard every year. I really love the look of lavender wands. Here is a tutorial.

I would plant lemon verbena as well. I love the smell of that, too.

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@cazzie.: I cannot overwinter lavender because of the cold and average winter temperatures. Much as I love the plant, It never comes back, so I substitute catmint, which is equally decorative and aromatic; Milo gets the real rush from it.

@Aethelflaed: It’s worth a try.

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Thanks everyone. I’ll have to print this page. :)

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@gailcalled Have you tried big planter pots and then bringing them in for the winter? I tried that with both lavender and an olive tree here in mid-Norway, but the cold hit so fast before I could even get them in the house. I was really homesick for New Zealand when I bought the lavender and olive tree. Obviously NOT a practical choice here for outside. lol.

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@cazzie: I wish, but age and a bad back and knees preclude that. My heavy lifting is saved for MIlo’s trips to the vets and a little snow shoveling.

I have a teen-ager empty the very large planter pots I do use for tomato and pepper plants and some annuals, turn them upside down and simply leave outside.

I am about to make taboulleh using my wild mint.

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