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What can I build with some leftover 2'x4' boards?

Asked by laketommy12345 (42points) July 3rd, 2012

I have a bunch of leftover 2’x4’ boards, and I want to build something but I don’t know what to build. I have about 5 really long 2×4 boards, and 4 or 5 cut off 2×4 boards.

Any suggestions?

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A tree house? Any small children in your life or nearby?

Or for something more modest yet still charming? Broccoli house

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How about a cool trellis or arbor?

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i was thinking something a bit easier and more down to earth ish.. like maybe a small roof for the garden tractor and such.. maybe a small shed.

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A nice bonfire.

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****I said build

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This little table is made with 5 boards and some nails. I have tons of other stuff like this on one of my Pinterest boards. Storage crates are another easy idea. If you want the link to all of the furniture building ideas I’ve bookmarked, send me a PM and I’ll share it with you.

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@laketommy12345 have you ever seen the Texas Tech bonfire stack?

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You could build a sign that says “2×4’s for sale”

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A totally cool fort!

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They would make great siding for a miniature golf course

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A room divider/screen

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That ‘s not a whole lot of material- 5 sticks. You would burn through them quickly once you start cutting them and much of it becomes waste depending on what it is you are using them for. If they are not straight, then @WestRiverrat has an idea that is not out of line, assuming you got them for free.

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Is the wood pressure treated? That will make a difference in what you can do with it. If it is, I vote for a planter box, or a small raised garden bed (maybe 2 boards high).

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a very nice bonfire… I like it.

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