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A lady has put up her soul on Ebay. Would you sell, auction or exchange your soul?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20049points) July 4th, 2012

Why, for what in exchange? Would you hope to gain something from it all?

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How much is postage and packaging?

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I am kind of surprised that they are allowing it.
Personally, I can’t imagine even kidding about such a thing, but then again, I have more soul that I can con-trol!

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To be one of those people with a ridiculously high metabolism who can eat and drink anything and never gain weight.

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@ZEPHYRA you didn’t mention what this person was willing to give up in exchange for her soul. What is so important to her that she would actually bargain with her soul? Money? Fame?

It’s a tricky question. Would you still have all of your core beliefs and feelings that make you, well, you?

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She’s an idiot, or taking advantage of idiots.

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Brilliant idea. If someone is stupid enough to pay money to that woman, more power to her. I just wish I’d thought of it first.

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Ack, after looking around on EBay a little bit, I never did find the woman who was trying to sell her soul. But hey, I found a great deal on buying a fart in a jar – and it promises it’s not just any ol’ fart, it’s a vegan fart!

Are people really this stupid?

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I couldn’t find the woman’s soul for sale either. There is this one though. Human Soul At least it provides more realistic expectations than the story below.

Here is a humorous article about a man selling his soul on eBay back in 2006. One has to wonder if someone actually won and bought it.

Even if it were possible, I would never want to buy someone else’s soul. As for selling mine, I doubt it. When my sister was in her last stage of cancer, I would have sacrificed my life if it meant that she would live, but offering my soul to another in exchange would require understanding what that entailed.

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I sold my soul for a pink lighter 10–15 years ago. The contract was written on a napkin.

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There was a gal on there once seriously trying to sell a “20 year old horse in a jar,” is how she put it. Well, it was a 20 year old fetus in formaldehyde. People on Ebay are so anal retentive. Everyone was trying to give her serious, straight-faced answers…till one guy says, “If I…could save horse…in a bottle….the first thing…I’d like to do….is sell it on Ebay…and then…again…sell you….” I died! The final answer was, basically, “You nut case! Donate it to your local HS biology department!”

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No, it’s mine see.

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I’d sell, but it is against ebay policy to sell souls, I tried. However if this has recently changed you will find mine on there soon.

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@laurenkem I don’t think she actually wants anything,she is just hoping for spiritual guidancf of some form!

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But the only person who can buy it is the Devil, and that ain’t good @ZEPHYRA!

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@Dutchess_III Are you sure it isn’t a good thing?

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Why not sell shares of your soul? Should be more profitable.

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I wouldn’t think so, @ZEPHYRA! But maybe he gets a bum rap that he doesn’t deserve! IDK. Never met the dude.

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I don’t trust you Raggie!

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I don’t see the point. It is too intangible. I would consider selling a dream I once had, though.

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@YARNLADY oooh, yeah! I would sell some dreams for some cash! Most of them didn’t come true anyway – maybe they would for someone else?

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If you win the auction, do you get to kill her to claim your prize?

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@DigitalBlue LMAO! Is this napking being kept in a safe place? I’d hate for just anyone to lay claim to your soul…

It would have to be something really spectacular for me to consider selling/trading mine. Perhaps the extermination of one disgusting individual who destroyed a piece of my soul long ago.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I don’t have the napkin or the lighter anymore. Oops.

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@DigitalBlue So… let me get this straight. The napkin is missing? Hmmmmmm. Could I then lay claim to your soul? I have a pink lighter, BTW…

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@WillWorkForChocolate I’m not sure how that works. Do I need to contact the original person who made the trade? Because that could be problematic.

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Nope. The contract is missing. All your soul are belong to us.

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Oh, sharing is caring.

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Sure, why not? I. Wanna. Be. A. Rockstar.

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