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How often does your credit score change?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) July 5th, 2012

Is there a specific day of the month or every couple months?
I check my credit score through citi and they charge me money monthly.

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It is fluid. It is constantly changing, and it is based on the length your accounts are open, your last billing cycle, and your last late payment.

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Do you pay a monthly fee to check your report any time, or do you pay each time you check?

I believe that if you check your report a lot, it counts against you and reduces your score. So you should check only when you really need to.

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Just a monthly fee, you can check it as often as you want. I do not believe that it gets reduced that way, only when other parties check.

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I was told that it only counts against you when you do a hard pull, which the credit score companines are not doing in order to gain access to your credit report and or score. Check as often as you’d like!

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