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My dogs HATE each other?

Asked by jessica_field (4points) July 8th, 2012

I have a female Jack Russell and a female Miniature Schnauzer. They got along the first week just fine then out of nowhere the Mini attacked the Jack. She punctured her throat. She has attached 2 more times since then. We have tried letting them duke it out and it’s brutal. Then we tried muzzling them so that they couldn’t use teeth, which went on for ages and didn’t resolve anything. Help Please.

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Yes, it sounds like they do.

I’ve seen recommendations for keeping the dogs separate at first, so that they cannot see each other. Take turns to allow one or the other out and about in the house, without seeing the other. This will allow the newer dog to get used to the surroundings, and both dogs to get used to the other’s scent. When your first dog no longer furiously tries to follow the other’s scent around the house, it will let you know that you can try introducing them. Don’t do this in the house, but take them to a neutral but confined space, so that they can be off the leads. As in your property, take turns to let them run around and leave their scents, then allow them to meet there. No leads.

Good luck, and welcome to Fluther.

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Wow, not a fun situation to be in! Since you said that they got along fine the first week, I’m guessing that means that one of the dogs is new to your home? Or both?

If one of them is new, it may simply be a territorial thing. As to the solution, you should probably ask your vet. Best of luck to you!

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One suggestion is to crate-train both in separate kennels so they have their own safe space that belongs to them. It isn’t cruel, dogs like to den.

When they’re comfortable in their kennels, you can try blanket or toy swapping so they become accustomed to the scent of the other dog being in their space without the actual dog being there. It really can help once they associate the “enemy’s” smell with still being secure.

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your dogs don’t hate each other. Dogs are pack animals and as such, they need a pack leader. YOU need to be that pack leader, and then you be control both of them. The issue at hand is they both see themselves as the pack leader, and in truth there is no pack leader at this time.

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Sometimes dogs, like people, simply don’t like each other. I have known many cases where, no matter what was tried, it just didn’t work. I wouldn’t give up too easily but I would accept the fact that it is possible that they never will get along. I would enlist the services of a professional dog trainer, a real trainer with experience with real dogs, not just an academic background in animal psychology. Or else just learn to live with them in different parts of the house and never the twain shall meet.

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Thank you all for your responses. I will be contacting a vet as well as trying some of these ideas.

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@jessica_field – a vet is like an md, when you need a shrink, an md is not where you go. You might need a shrink or a serious trainer, not sure if a vet is the right way to go.

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Your dogs don’t really hate each other. Maybe they’re just competing on who’s going to become the pack leader but none of them should be one. You should be the pack the leader. Never project negative energy when the dogs are fighting. Stay in control. You have to be calm and assertive.

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