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How to teach yourself math?

Asked by mjm8401 (170points) July 8th, 2012

Hiya. : ) So I went to apply for a job and when I got there they gave me an application along with an aptitude test. I was told I could not use a calculator. So I got about half way through the test and just could not remember how to solve half the math problems. I need to teach myself pretty much every type of math from high school. I am 26 and I have not done most of that stuff in like 10 years. Can anyone recommend a site to self tutor?

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The Khan Academy has some great courses.

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I was just going to say Khan Academy.

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Thanks : D

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I was in a very similar situation a year ago. I needed math skills and didn’t think I had the aptitude for it but I was willing to work.

I found that there are Adult Continuing Education programs offered for free through the Public Schools. I signed up and got a wonderful teacher who told me I wasn’t the problem, but mathematics are building blocks and if you missed a step somewhere in your education, you will get lost and frustrated later; thinking you’re no good at it.

I started at the very basics and progressed at my own pace through algebra and began to truly enjoy math! It’s like doing puzzles and you can always find answers!

One short year later, I not only have the job I wanted but I’m tutoring math and was offered a paid position teaching it! Go figure?

So, check out your local resources. Khan Academy and Purplemath are good but there’s nothing better than a physically present teacher to help you.

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@mjm8401 – Great question. I’m trying to finish my undergraduate and the one brick wall I’ve hit is math. I’ve been in the remedial classes and even those don’t stick. So, thanks! @dabbler – I’m going to give Khan a looksy when I get home from work.
Is this serendipity at work?

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relatives or friends relatives kids/teenagers going through it might be good teachers also trying to go through their schoolwork with them might refresh your memory

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Find the school boos on maths and just study. Try to make math operations without calculators. Or, you can find sites for children with different conundrums and solve it – it, at least, will be fun! =)

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