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If you could only buy one electric saw, which would it be?

Asked by ETpro (34550points) July 9th, 2012

There ought to be something out there that works like a hand-held circular saw and also can be slid into a nesting spot in a table and thus become a table saw. Getting really creative, I can imagine a table with a mountable tower and arm. Mount the saw on the arm and you have a radial arm saw.

I don’t even know what to Google to find such a versatile tool, though. Is there any such? If there is, how do I find one?

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For versatility, I’d have to go with a big bandsaw

In a pinch, it can do long straight cuts like a table saw using a fence or a miter guide (though you’ll have to plane the cuts or run them over a jointer), and it can do curved cuts (which circular saws an their cousins can’t). It can resaw thick planks into thinner ones, which I’ve found very useful. You can slant the table to make angled cuts. And you can put a bi-metal blade in it and cut metal, which none of the other saws can do.

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One’s that’s perfect for zombie hunting.

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@Symbeline you mean one of these??

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Holy shit bro, that’s badass!

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@Symbeline Zombie puree! XD

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Sawz-all. Because it saws all!

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@thorninmud That’s a possibility. It doesn’t get at the protability of a hand-held circular saw though. But it is a very versatile tool.

@Cruiser Awesome tool. But like the band saw, you can’t pick it up and cut an opening in a wall to slide a cabinet into it. Maybe this is something I should invent.

@Symbeline That log eater @Cruiser posted is amazing. Thanks, guys.

@Ponderer983 They are great tools as well. But they won’t touch the type of work that table saws and radial arm saws can do.

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Gah, there’s no way I could only pick one. At the moment, I have a table saw, a circular saw, and a hand saw. I really, really want a compound miter saw, too, damn it. Your idea sounds great, @ETpro. You should patent that!

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@augustlan If I can’t find one, I just may do that. A Radial Arm Saw will do compound miters. Course, us old-time carpenters just fake it with a coping saw. A real wood butcher just can’t cope without a coping saw.

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Coping saws are awesome, but they kill my hands. Stupid fibro.

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@augustlan Oh man. That stuff sicks. Sorry to hear that.

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