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Will Tommy Chong finally shut the drug czars up?

Asked by Avangelo (258points) July 10th, 2012

If anyone hasn’t heard yet, Tommy Chong announced a couple months ago that he has prostate cancer. Therefore, he’s taking hemp oil to cure it. If it works, would that open the door to more clinical trials so we can finally resolve the question whether weed cures cancer?

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Cure is a loaded word.

I don’t think Chong will change the minds of any professional who isn’t already on-board with the medicinal benefits of THC.

I do wish him success in his treatments.

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What do you mean by cure?
I figure Tommy Chong must be about 80. My dad’s generation followed him for heaven’s sake. At his age, he will probably die of something other than prostate cancer.

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Umm, how is this going to work if he developed this cancer while taking the cure for it all along? ;) Just sayin’, bro.

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I seriously doubt that even if his “cure” succeeds, that he will change anyone’s mind that is not already in favor of the legalizing of marijuana. And @josie , Tommy Chong is NOT 80 years old, he is in his mid-sixties. I hope that he succeeds in saving his own life.

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I thought TC was about the same age as his bro, Cheech (who is about my age), but it turns out that he’s 74.

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Often times the cancer is best left alone if the guy is old and will most likely die of old age before the cancer gets him. If it was discovered really early that may be the case. It’s when it is discovered late in the game it needs fast attention. Who wants to be in their 70’s and deal with that pee dribble the rest of their life because of the procedure? Hopefully his plan works.

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I had heard somewhere that most men would develop prostate cancer if they lived long enough – scary thought.

Hemp oil is legal and available at health food stores, and doesn’t get you high. It is supposed to do the same things for you that krill oil and other fish oils are supposed to do, which I thought was mostly heart related. The bottle says not to take if subject to drug testing, but I checked with someone who works for a testing lab and he said you would be unlikely to test positive.

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@bewailknot My ex-boss said that too. Every man will get it if they live long enough. This was an old veterinarian who had seen plenty of examples. Men aren’t going to neuter themselves, but it is “for sure” your dog won’t get testicular cancer or prostate diseases if you neuter him.

A good argument for neutering your male pets.

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