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Why is Hemp Oil illegal when it cures cancer?

Asked by seVen (3472points) July 31st, 2008 from iPhone

it’s not like chemotherapy that may kill or has some percent to help but hemp oil is a real cure.

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I cannot find any scientific studies to support your contention that hemp opil cures cancer. Do you have some supporting evidence?

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It’s not illegal (check your local health food store for lots of hemp oil products), nor does it cure cancer. Good try though.

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O out of 2. Not bad.

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If Hemp Oil cured cancer, there would be 3 million people placing orders for it tonight: Tomorrow, cancer research foundations, hospitals, manufacturers etc would be out of business.

But at best, 6 people will google it, 10 will laugh, 5 will fluther, and 0 will order it.

For most cancer patients, I’d suggest becoming acquainted with God. There IS research that backs up the claim that prayer helps terminal patients… it doesn’t cure them: No no, but instead it helps ease the pain (physical) and helps push people towards the acceptance phase of dying, which is always helpful.

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There are many modalities, the spiritual among them, that help one deal with pain and acceptance of a death sentence from cancer. I am one of the lucky survivors and found that rejoining a Synagogue did not help me. I found succor elsewhere.

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@Lovelocke A bit bleak. Today, many people survive many kinds of cancer.

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The same reason water is legal, despite the fact that you can die of an overdose.

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Exceptionally funny Poser, yet true. Hemp was deemed illegal in the period where the ancestors figggrd out opium may NOT the the answer to a toothache.

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One of the other modalities being laughter.

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A contemporary of mine was give marijuana ciggies to smoke when he was a teen to alleviate his severe asthma.

My grandmother allowed a butcher dentist to pull all her teeth when she was in her thirties because he told her it would prevent rheumatism.

My maternal great-grandmother was a “dentist” in the 1870’s in a shtetl in the Ukraine.
She used to put cotton soaked in kerosine on a toothache (someone else’s) and then light the cotton.

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Wow. Brutal.

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Back to topic, hemp oil is perfectly legal in the psycho state of PA. So, to second, and fourth (and so on) my peeps, nice try.

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so i have researched this subject and have found the answer. first off to understand anything you must watch the video called phoenix tears “run from the cure for cancer” and research hemp oil before you automatically assume that you understand the subject because you are deeply mistaken. hemp oil does cure cancer and other terminal illnesses. you do not smoke it you can inject, vaporize, or use a topical application to find it effective. and by the way you dont get a “high” from it. the reason why its not commonly heard is because hemp oil cannot be pattoned because its natural, therefore drug companies and chemotherapy and everything in the 300 million cancer business would be no more. do you get it doctors and drug companies would lose millions because people could be self suffient we could cure ourselves. but i cant tell you what to believe you have to find out for yourself so educate yourself before you automatically assume that you are right.

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When you say research, you need to distinguish that from propaganda. Show me one single citiation from a scientific study or reputable organization that is not involved in the sale of hemp oil products.

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@nnnbbb: It helps to spell correctly, use full sentences, eliminate run-on ones and fragments, upper case where appropriate if you want to mount a convincing argument.

I am delighted, however, that you have found the answer. Had I but known, I could have skipped two lumpectomies, chemotherapy, radiation, and five years on Tamoxifin because my Oncological team were stupid and narrow-minded.

My brother and several of my close friends would be alive and healthy, also.

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To those of you who embrace truth, good for you! If and when you get cancer you can cure it yourself instead of being poisoned to death by chemotherapy. For the rest of you…

It is sad how many people deny something that is so true, and does have scientific evidence to back it up. This site obviously has a lot of blind leading the blind. There is something on the internet called Google, and there you can type THC and CANCER and see for yourself what cannabis can do for medical conditions, but only smart people really do this and the rest open their mouths to show the world how ignorant they are! (Those are the people who “RUN FROM THE CURE”)

It is not injected, but INGESTED hemp oil (cannabis extract containing high levels of THC and other cannabinoids) that cures cancer. Smoked cannabis can do certain things like lower occular pressure in glaucoma patients and also relieve some pain and nausea; however, the smoking of cannabis is by far the least medicinal way to use it.

Read some real research and don’t give to the Cancer Societies because they don’t want you cured or they will have to close up shop and stop accepting millions of dollars to spend on anything except a cure. Case in point… how many years have they accepted money?? What cure have THEY provided??

It’s time to wake up the sheep, and if you doubt any of this you ARE the sheep. But for those of you who have an open mind to research, do the google thing, and read up… and don’t worry too much about the nay sayers… after all you can’t fix stupid.

And I wouldn’t have made the video if this WASN’T true. Some of us have more sense than others. :)

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Marina, when you say “reputable organization” what planet are you referring to?

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@chrychek firssssssst off hemp oil doesnt do shit. Hemp is pretty much void of THC. Your talking about Cannabis oil or hash oil. Secondly it DOES NOT CURE CANCER. It does help ease the pains of cancer and chemo but to say over and over it cures it, well your only showing the world how ignorant you are…..
And finally i see your new, i would also try and watch the way you talk about other people around here. Calling others stupid and stuff along those lines is no way to gain respect around here. :)

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Cannabis cures cancers, it is a fact. Smart people will look it up, and the rest will say something like what is above me here.

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@chrychek look, im about as pro marijuana as you can get im actually in the middle of smoking right now… but the fact of the matter is cannabis doesnt cure cancer. It only helps ease the pains of cancer. If cannabis cured cancer, millions of lives would be saved and people would stop dying from it but sadly thats not the case. Cannabis can be a great aid to people suffering from cancer as it eases a lot of the pain, and may even help a bit, but to say it cures it is foolish. Cannabis can help prevent cancer but again once you have it, you have it and no amount of pot smoking is going to cure it, sorry.

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I clearly stated that smoking is not the cure, but ingesting hemp oil with high concentrations of THC. I applaud you for taking the time to tell us you are smoking marijuana, but maybe next time you could save the joint for after the discussion because it might help you to stay on track with what is being said. THC, the medicinal part of cannabis, cures cancer. 60 mL of properly made hemp oil cures most serious cancers in less than 3 months.

I am trying to help people here and having ignorant people get in the way of that is an injustice to them, not to me.

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Cannabis cures cancer, not smoked cannabis, but ingested cannabis extract. We call it hemp oil, but hemp, cannabis, marijuiana, it is all the same thing.

The very fact that you deny that THC cures cancer, and that
you call me ignorant for saying it, shows how ridiculus this website is and how foolish I am to come to it to try to help. I hope you people realize what kind of contributor you have here and anyone who listens to this person is in for a sad reality one day.

It only takes one idiot to ruin the bunch. Contact us if you want truth. If you don’t want to be educated on how cannabis cures cancer, that’s totally fine with me, but denying it won’t make it any less factual.

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The answer to why it is illegal, is money. A lot of money is being made keeping it illegal and those are the people who want it left that way.

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[mod says]: it is possible to inform others with a sense of tact in-tact. Let’s try and keep this discussion respectful-thanks.

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[Mod says] @chrychek: I think we all get your point-no need to force-feed your link to us (for the third time in this discussion btw). Please refrain from spamming this site.

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There is a difference between hemp seed oil (witch has no THC content) and hemp oil, that is all THC. Pure THC oil is illegal even where medical marijuana is legal. Gee I wonder why that is. Could it be cause of the big bucks the medical world makes off disease. Think about it. Think hard, than start asking questions. Its time to get LOUD

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@Debbie_ Im not so sure about that. Last documentary i saw on medical marijuana in California showed a million varieties of consumption including oils. You also make it sound as if making pure THC oil is a hard thing to do when your in a place that marijuana is legal…

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The endocanabinoid system in our bodies regulate our cancer defense – so it makes sense that cannabis works effectively in this area, and the science backs that up.

For those who dispute the fact that cannabis can cure cancer, I would like to refer you to numerous studies (since 1974!) that show that cannabinoids kills cancer cells, shrink tumors, halts the spread of invasive carcinomas, and prevents occurrence. I don’t know if you have the energy or the interest to follow up these links, but if you do value truth over hearsay and propaganda, then I would suggest you look at them. First you have to ask yourself: why don’t you know about this? (Then you should get really, really angry).

Original Univ of Va study showing that THC halts lewis lung adenocarcinoma:

London study showing THC causes kills leukemia cells.

University of Texas study showing the CB1 receptor (which is activated by cannabis) suppresses colorectal cancer tumor, when the receptor is lost cancer can occur.

Univ of Southern Florida study showing that cannabis blocks cancer causing viruses:

Harvard study showing cannabis cuts lung cancer growth in half:

The British Journal of Cancer reports that cannabis treats prostate cancer

Researchers at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute found that cannabis halts breast cancer.

A large population study of chronic cannabis smokers found that they had a REDUCED risk of head, neck and throat cancers when compared to those that did not use cannabis.

Spanish study showing that THC inhibits gliomas (brain cancer).

Want more links? Here is a much more comprehensive list compiled by a wonderful woman who calls herself Granny Storm Crow:

As for me, I am on my way to get some hemp oil for my 99 year old aunt with uterine cancer. Debbie’s point was that THC hemp oil should NOT be illegal. It is criminal that it is illegal. Also, I live in California, and believe me it is not so easy to get or to make, since the process involves distillation with solvents and heat. Also, because of our laws, hemp, which should cost a few dollars a pound, costs thousands! 60ml of good quality THC hemp oil requires a full pound of buds, and 5 gallons of solvents. We need our laws changed – NOW!

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If the doctors gave the oil to all who have cancer, so doctors would become unemployed, they have nothing o do more they’ve cured the worst of the disease, doctors want to try their famous medicines.

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I have spent a year trying to DEBUNK this cure so that I can see why the naysayers say it is not possible.
I can’t find the links you people are seeing unless it is fro the CIA/FBI/DEA website.
Personally I have found website after website strengthening the argument that yes, marijuana properly prepared can cure cancer.
I am saddened by the lack of awareness.
I am a cancer survivor, I found out about this cure about a year after I had surgery to remove my thyroid gland, and guess what? I would have been much better off if i had found this cure BEFORE being diagnosed with cancer instead of after.
Most people seem to think that since they have no cancer they have no need for this information, but it is a lot better to arm yourself with the knowledge NOW so you can keep yourself from signing the consent for surgery form.
The doctors told me i’d be fine as long as i eat this pill every day. Well guess what? I feel like garbage. all the time. I have 0 quality of life, and I guess i’m stuck with that.
lie #1
I asked then WHY i had gotten cancer in the first place. They told me BAD LUCK.
So, they don’t even know if they are on foot or horseback, and because of that, I refuse to trust them with anything cancer related ever again.
Not only does it cure cancer but I have seen proof that it also helps MS and Fibromyalgia and even Crohns.
Here’s one thing you all should ask yourselves: How much money did Rick Simpson, discoverer of this cure, Charge all the patients he helped?
The answer is 0.
Why is this? if it was not true wouldn’t he be in it for a quick buck?
like everyone else?
Chrychek, I applaud you and your efforts.

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Your “big pharma” argument doesn’t hold water. Things that are “natural” can be and are constantly patented. Read a bit about how messed up the corn industry is for a bit more on the subject.

Further, a large proportion of the useless and the untested “natural” products you will find on the shelves are owned by the same large companies that produce scientifically tested and regulated medicines. They take advantage of the fact that supplements are not regulated and use their selling power to push pills of questionable quality and efficacy.

While there is some evidence that THC can act as a cancer inhibitor, this is a long way from a cure. Many foods that we eat everyday are proven cancer inhibitors. Garlic, mushrooms, all teas, figs, beans, soy, sprouts, broccoli, nuts and many other foods all have stronger clinical evidence than THC in terms of inhibiting cancer growth.

In the end, I’m sure that THC has some health benefits (though I’m sure smoking marijuana probably isn’t the best way to administer it), but the concept of a big bad power structure trying to prevent us from knowing the truth seems silly. Marijuana is readily available in much of the world, medicinal marijuana is legally available in many countries, and even the most backwards western country (take a guess) is taking baby steps towards legalization. If there is a conspiracy, it is dreadfully ineffective.

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I am consistently amazed at the mind control and manipulation of people when it comes to denying the efficacy of natural cures for terminal diseases. More people DIE from chemotherapy than are cured….and yet, that is LEGAL, isn’t it? Of course it is, because mega-huge corporations are providing the chemicals to “cure” people. Why isn’t anyone suing these companies——when their chemo doesn’t work???

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I am a gullible person and a lover of snake oil but I am pretty sure hemp doesn’t cure cancer. There’s a clinic in Houston that has a pretty good cure rate. One that uses some concoction—the guy who founded had a last name “H” something . What the heck was it?
He was curing so many people he was closed down but for some reason he can have this place in Houston running. They fix salads for every meal , you stay there a few weeks, then send you home with a custom drink that has herbs in it. GERSON. That’s it!!!

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@Aster….You might be thinking of Hoxsey which is an herbal cure…but Gerson is also a great clinic. :)

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After watching the numerous vids on Hemp oil for cancer , I“m afraid I’m approaching belief. lol
They Are impressive.
@DarlingRhadamanthus Hoxsey is great, too. That is, from what I’ve read.

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If hemp oil is shown to cure , not all cancers, but even a few types, it will be illegal JUST FOR THAT REASON. You can’t fight the FDA and win.

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this makes me laugh. people who are so closed minded to a perfectly natural medicine that cures cancer. so message to all you unbelievers, go ahead, don’t believe…and when one of your loved ones dies from a disease i will feel sorrow for you. and for all the hemp oil users who have a second chance, i congratulate you.

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it is true hemp bud oil does cure cancer please re educate yourself and for the doubters just watch

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You know, @hemp_oil, you’ll convince a lot more people with a double-blind empirical study, rather than a youtube video. Actually, that’s probably not true, people are quite gullible, but the rational thinkers out there will always require extraordinary evidence for claims such as yours. “Cures cancer” is an unbelievably sweeping and earth shattering claim, considering the massive variance in the kinds of cancers out there. Is hemp oil a somewhat useful, supplemental cancer inhibitor? Possibly. But so are sweet potatoes.

@aster – you don’t have to fight the FDA, as countless purveyors of “supplements” will tell you, you just sell something that doesn’t work and make a very vague claim about its efficacy, and it doesn’t fall under their jurisdiction.

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Alright @hemp_oil, though you didn’t use the @ I presume you’re addressing me. To begin, I think I deserve a chance to defend myself after an accusation as offensive as “u dont want the truth.” I want only the truth, and your assertion that hemp bud oil cures cancer is simply not true. I have admitted that there is a possibility that the oil or some of its components may one day prove effective in the management of certain forms of cancer, a statement that is backed by scientifically valid studies, such as (Given the presence of real medical studies on the efficacy of THC as a cancer therapy, Rick Simpson’s speculations about a vast medical conspiracy seem ridiculous, and his comparison of his website and youtube videos to the work of Ignaz Semmelweis is more than slightly ego-maniacal.) But please do not tell people that hemp oil cures cancer, or direct people towards the pseudoscience and paranoia of Rick Simpson. There is enough scaremongering directed towards the medical community already, and you are being entirely irresponsible. If a person with life threatening cancer considered your opinion to be the truth, and decided to forgo traditional medical treatment, every one of them would die. Might they die anyway? Sure. But this is cancer we’re talking about: the nastiest, hardest to treat disease out there. At least modern oncologists can give them a real shot at survival.

Yes, I did read your articles, and I would like to quote a few lines from them, in case you perhaps did not.

“tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has the potential to be used effectively against some forms of cancer.” (note the words “potential” and “some forms”)

“We know that 3 out of 4 lung cancers (75%) occur in people who have faulty p53 genes. The p53 gene is also linked to many other cancers….Researchers have shown that THC causes benzpyrene to promote the p53 gene to change. But other researchers have looked at the effects of pure THC on brain tumour cells and found that it killed them in laboratory tests. This is a long way from using it as a treatment. But you can see from this that the evidence on cannabis causing cancer is confusing….So at the moment we don’t have clear evidence either way.” (oh? THC can sometimes treat cancer and sometimes cause it? The evidence is confusing? Wow. Hardly a rousing endorsement from your article.)

Medical discovery is a long and necessarily thorough process. I know you desperately want hemp oil to be the magic cure, but it just isn’t. It may prove effective as supplemental treatment, just as many foods have been shown to be, and people will ultimately have to make up their own minds concerning their treatment, but promoting a single form of treatment with little to no scientific backing for something as serious as cancer, and at the same time pushing groundless doubt about real, effective treatments, is unethical.

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@hemp_oil your argument will sound a whole of hell lot better if you dont attack and use proper grammar as well. Just sayin…

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There seems to be a lot of confusion between “hemp seed oil” ( a common health store supplement that does not cure cancer) and hemp ‘bud’ oil. I will not repeat the many citations posted above that link to real scientific study on the use of THC but they are worth a read. Of course there will be as many counter claims such is the nature of the fight for your minds. Ask this question who stands to gain from there not being a cure? Ok so give them slightly less credence in the argument and give the benefit of the doubt to those who do not profit from this awful disease. Why not endorse the use of the oil first to see if it works then if no benefit is observed by all means resort to other treatments. Denying this approach is a clear indication that stakeholders fear loss of profits. Anyway just my 2 cents worth. Don’t run from the cure, constantly seek out the truth , do not be led by others, seek for yourself. Do not be conned by those professing to be authorities on the matter, No offence @smashly but I am talking to you. I mean if you had a relative/loved one that had cancer would you not let them try a course of hemp bud oil to see if it worked before discounting it, hardly a very scientific approach???? Straight on the chemicals eh!.. One day the truth will be known… roll on the day eh ;)

So to sum up although the question is rhetorical and exists souly to create a medium to share information. It is THC is illegal because powerful entities stand to loose alot of profit. No conspiracy just sadly the nature of the society in which we live

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Actually, @truthseeker71, that is exactly what you would call a conspiracy theory. The science doesn’t bear you out, so you attack the source of the information, claim that information is being hidden by a “powerful entity.” You claim that “one day the truth will be known.” Why not now? Where is the proof that convinced you? Is it possible that it isn’t very convincing to others?

No. You cannot claim those articles support your “hemp oil cures cancer” theory. They show some correlation of hemp oil use and inhibitions of some kinds of cancer, on a scale similar to many of the foods that we eat. It’s no more magic than garlic. That said, our garlic is MAGIC this year. Mmmmm!

I agree, though. A person should be able to take whatever kind of medicine they want. But under no circumstances should they forgo the medically standard procedure. You don’t screw around with cancer and wait and see if the hemp oil treatment works. I actually can’t believe you suggested that. No no no. Denial of your crazy approach is not in any way a “clear indication that stakeholders fear loss of profits.” It is an indication that waiting on cancer is a good way to die.

If I had a loved one with cancer, I would probably try any crazy thing to make them better. Who cares about proof, when it’s family? At any rate it might improve their quality of life and make me feel better.

BUT if you tell a loved one to not get treatment and rather to take hemp oil and “see if it works” .... holy shit…. You are the most evil kind of crazy. The kind who thinks he’s helping.
Don’t kill your loved ones. Advocate cancer screenings and early detection methods.

Thank you for your 2 cents. Can I keep the change?

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I have found many medical studies of marijuana and most and found them to be VERY positive.

sums up just some of the stated studies.

People refuse to believe that a classed drug can actually have very good health benefits. They are complete morons. Get off that pedestal and allow politicians to legalise the use of this drug medically. People are in fact dying because of you complete fools.

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Your article gives no new information to this debate. The studies mentioned in it have either been address earlier in this thread, or provide information that no one here disputes.

Yes. Marijuana is a fantastic palliative tool. No shit. Moving on.

Components of marijuana may prove useful in the development of various cancer treatments. Agreed. Moving on.

Hemp oil cured a 3 year old of a brain tumor. Agr—- wait… what?

Oohhh…. besides being an unverifiable anecdote, if you read the story, you’ll see that the boy in fact went into remission with a heavy regimen of radiation. Hash oil was used by his father (without telling doctors… great parenting there) as an additional, quality of life treatment.

FYI: the lastest on that poor kid is that his cancer is back for a third round. Cancer is absolutely terrible, and very difficult to treat, and I know people are willing to try anything to survive it, but you have to acknowledge the benefit of medical science. Will it always work? No. Will it be side effect free? Absolutely not. But cancer is cancer, and survival rates are higher than ever because of the incredible power of the scientific method to sort out what is fact and what is fiction. The kid is only alive today because of modern medical science.

This article is here to prove a point. Garlic has potential anticancer properties. It’s effective components could potentially lead to better cancer therapies. Are you getting the connection? Yet garlic is legal, so no one really cares that much or proselytizes about its benefits. Why? Because cancer is nasty, and much more research and formulation and testing will need to occur before these casual associations can be distilled into an effective treatment. And without something to get indignant about, the charlatans haven’t been able to get much traction on the issue. (Visit the JREF sometime to learn more about the ways charlatans exploit people’s mistrust of authority to push their own bullshit.)

Marijuana and its common derivatives are not effective treatments for cancer. Eating garlic will probably not cure your cancer. You’re free to try, and I personally believe that it does inhibit tumor growth, but that’s because I love garlic and I’m biased towards it. If I get cancer, I’ll keep eating it, but I’ll take my meds too.

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@Smashley Compliments on the overwhelming logic and patience in your answers here.

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I was the one who posed the question. i knew the answer before I asked it, but wanted to see the opinions on others on this critical subject. The utube video “run from the cure” who i believe the author Rick Simpson, even weighed in on this thread above… I have been using the oil since I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor the size of baseball 3 years ago, and I am alive and doing great and in remission. It is about big business; that is what I have learned after studying this subject for 3 years. I am proof positive the oil is a cure….have read all the responses above and I am amazed at how many brain washed people there are out there who will listen, without questioning it, the
big pharma sales pitch: All I can say is watch Rick Simpsons video, run from the cure” on utube. It is sad that so many people are poisoning themselves to death, just because a Doctor ordered it, and said that is the only option: well it is not the only option, but probably the worst option if you want to live…Cancer and radiation will buy you some misery and a little time, but will not cure you…don’t follow the others off the cliff when there are alternatives that work…

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yes it is true hemp oil can prevent and even cure certain cancers but there will be no way that this valuable natural resource will be made legal in alot of countries simply because of this one horrifying truth which is the first mandate of all cancer research organizations is to disband once they have found a cure, this would cause the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs world wide, and millions in profit within other organizations. due to the world the works today money is far more valuable than a persons health or human life. it is a shame that a part of our natural diet has been made so illegal that it is no longer classed or recognized as such an important part of our daily diets, which in turn would increase our overall health and all around quality of life.

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@Bretbocook – Your personal experience is not proof positive of anything. Even if you are not lying, this is still an anecdote. By your use of language and formatting, it is unclear if you are speaking about yourself, or quoting someone else. At any rate, to the maker of this claim: I’m glad that three years of having cancer made you an expert, but on this subject, you are actually mistaken. And, if you are not in fact lying, I am glad you are in remission, and I wish you the best. Tell me, was hemp oil your only treatment? Do you truly owe nothing to the scientific method?

Also, do you have any experience with cults/brainwashing? Do you even know what to look for? Do you ever wonder at the fact that you take one youtuber’s story as absolute truth and reject all information from the hundreds of thousands of medical professionals, as being “all part of the big pharma machine?” Do you ever think that maybe, in fact, you are the one who has been misled? Are you ever troubled by the fact that you know very little about the mechanics of the subject, or the medical substance of the hemp oil claims, and that neither you nor Rick Simpson can show us how hemp oil cures cancer? Don’t tell me – show me.

@professor78 – There are many places where hemp oil is not illegal. It is unclear if we are talking about a derivative of marijuana (usually illegal) or some non-THC containing form of hemp (usually not illegal). At any rate, there are places where hemp oil is legal, and there have been no massive disbanding of the cancer support networks. Let’s just wait and see if these areas also show corresponding reductions in cancer rates in the future. Despite what you may think, doctors are not stupid, and results get noticed. Results speak louder than any rhetoric. Show me. Show me now or disappear.

You also hedged your support of hemp oil. I agree that even if hemp oil were show to be effective at treating and preventing cancer, it would only be certain kinds. Cancer is like a car crash – it can kill you quickly, but there are many specific ways it can happen. Thanks for at least making that minor concession to rationality.

@Robhfl11 – Thanks for the support!

And as (hopefully) a final note in this ongoing saga, I urge anyone with cancer, or who has a loved one with cancer and is desperately searching the internet for hope – it is out there. By all means – consult with your physician, and try alternative cures if you so desire, but recognize the difference between medicine and snake oil. Cancer treatment is better and more effective than it ever has been. Outlooks are better than they have ever been for new diagnoses. This is not magical. This is the slow march of the scientific method. It can take a while – and I wish so many people did not have to suffer and die from these diseases before we develop new treatments. But this is the way of things.

Vaccinations and antibiotics have made deadly disease such a small part of our experience that we have difficulty accepting it as a reality of human existence. When confronted with it – it is so much easier to believe there is some agent behind it – someone to blame – and someone to trust. A charlatan preys on this – even if they legitimately believe what they are saying. Easy answers are everywhere – and they can give us a sense of control when we feel unable to control our lives. But they won’t help. (this is a good chat about how and why people deceive themselves, from a brain science perspective)

Cancer is deadly – and seemingly random – and it scares us. But no matter how great your fear – recognize that you and your cancer both inhabit the real world. In the real world – unsubstantiated claims must always be scrutinized. In the real world – empty hope is just a band-aid before death. There is real hope. It might be faint – it might be perilous – but it’s there. I’ll take bad odds against reality over a sugar coated dream world any day.

Please don’t give this hemp oil debacle any more traction – it undermines real treatment, and will literally cause people to die. By literally, I don’t mean figuratively. I mean literally. Rick Simpson and other fake-fluther-account-making charlatans out there must be exposed for what they are: snake oil salesmen.

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Sorry to see there are so many ignorant people here. I did what any of you could have done instead of repeating NO NO NO. GOOGLE IT! Here is one scientist explining it, how cancer cells are killed by cannabis.

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Here is the US government department of health admitting that cannabis may cure cacer. See under:

dennic's avatar

And may I add that cannabis makes cancer cells commit suicide, so technically it does not ill cancer cells, it makes them kill themselves

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