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8 questions x N Flutherites equals how many questions do I get to read through by July 15th?

Asked by DaphneT (5728points) July 11th, 2012

What are you planning to do with the increased load? Any suggestions for managing the heavier traffic?

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Eight x twelvety nine, carry four hund… head hurts already.

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Is this a rhetorical question?

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Take a week off work?

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And those are just the ones that make it through Fluther Quality Control !

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A lot of modding. ;)

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I don’t plan nothing special. I’ll just do what I always do; try to take over the world, bro.

I’m enjoying the influx of questions though, it’s fun hanging around on here for more than 20 minutes a day. Doing my best to contribute myself, but I’ll get banned if I put in too much effort. Seriously though, I can’t think of anything good to ask. :( So I’m hoping answering a lot can help, too.

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