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Will you tell us about the best and worst concerts you have been to?

Asked by bookish1 (13159points) July 12th, 2012

What were the two most memorable concerts you have been to: the best, and the worst?

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The best was an Evanescence concert, the worst was a Fall Out Boy concert in middle school which was horrible in a way I didn’t know a concert could be before hand.

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Best was probably Bachman Turner Overdrive around 1974 or 1975. My friend and I got stoned with the warm up band under the stage. We were only 14 or 15 years old. Maybe even younger. It was a thrill.
The worst was probably Waylon Jennings in the later 70’s. We didn’t realize who he was and were disappointed to discover it was country. Surprisingly, Deep Purple in the 70’s was pretty much a bust too.
Edit to clarify, I haven’t done any of those drugs since about 1978. I got it out of my system young.

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I have been to heaps of concerts and I can never choose which one I love most. I did enjoy all of them, even my least favourite(s). My least favourites are Coldplay but only because it was too short. It lasted about 1.5 hours and given the price of the tickets we went away feeling a bit ripped off. I think if The Rolling Stones can manage two hours plus, surely Coldplay can with their youth. The Police were great when they were in Brisbane a few years ago, but their support was Fergie and that just left us going wtf? Didn’t appeal at all.

And actually I do have another worst (but not because of the artist). We went to see Elton John at a winery. The tickets were quite expensive, we also had to pay for two nights accommodation AND flights to the area so it was an expensive experience. The winery were only interested in selling wine and there were some really drunk people around and it was clear they were the locals. They were rude to people, a couple of guys threatened a couple who asked them to tone it down (they had traveled from Far North Queensland) but the drunks were so loud we could hardly hear Elton. We have vowed never to go to a concert in a winery again.

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I forgot to put my stories in the OP! Just wakin up.

My best concert was hands-down my first 311 concert. It was Halloween and I was 15 and I went there with one of my best friends. The whole band and a lot of the audience was dressed in costume. They are the hardest working band I have ever seen, such a crowd-pleaser. They played all their singles as well as all their best songs that people who have been listening to them since 1992 love. The whole audience was on their feet for the entire 2.5 hours, and my friend and I made it forward to about the 6th row from the stage. I danced all night and had a full on mystical experience, and wrote a good poem about it afterward. And two days later, I had my first kiss with this girl I had been in love with for a year, so it was a magical and memorable couple of days :)

My worst concert was a Tool show during their 10,000 Days tour. Maynard was in a bad mood or something. He was a total tool! He had his back turned to the audience the entire time he was singing. And they almost exclusively played songs from their new album, and maybe a few hit singles from previous albums. It was seriously disappointing and I felt super ripped off for buying these stupid expensive arena tickets. Didn’t change how I feel about the band, but I would think hard before going to see them again.

@Judi: Ain’t nobody’s business if you do ;)

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The Worst A Jethro Tull concert at an amusement park during high school senior day when some girl passed out, her head landed in my lap, and then she threw up on my shoes.

The Best Tough call. Really tough. Probably The Eagles on their Hell Freezes Over tour. Seeing Paul McCartney and Wings cannot go without a mention. I’ve seen one of the Beatles in concert!

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Best- Toto at the Enmore theatre in Sydney in Feb 2008 (although I am seeing Slash next month at the Sydney Entertainment Centre- that should be great).
Worst- Probably Elton John, but only because I was too far away from the stage.

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Best concerts were many. My first concert was Ted Nugent opening up for Rory Gallagher and that show just rocked. Any time I saw Sweaty Teddy he always rocked. Both Zappa concerts were amazing and any of the dozen or more times I saw Steve Morse and/or the Dixie Dregs were just mind blowing shows. The Outlaws is still one of the sweatiest and jamminest performances I ever saw. David Lee Roth was still by far the best fron man performance I ever saw. ZZ Top, BB King, Buddy Guy, The Alman Brothers, Doobie Brothers, Nazareth and countless other shows were all great and memorable.

The big names like the WHO, Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith were simply OK. Not a fan of the mega show where the arena dwarfs the bands performance

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Never had a bad one. They were all good.

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Aahhh..This question has sent me on a trip down memory lane. Most of the truly enjoyable concerts/shows were so great because of the entire experience. I spent so much of late 80s in clubs around Boston, and many of those were to see local bands. If I had to choose, I would put The Pixies at the tiny Living Room in Providence up there near the top. Although, there were so many. Pixies, Ramones, Fugazi, Circle Jerks, Pop Will Eat Itself, NIN, Revolting Cocks, Sonic Youth, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Bad Brains, Swans, The Fall, The Dead Milkmen, Primus, The Cure, Public Enemy, Gang of Four, The Feelies, Bad Religion, Peter Murphy, Barkmarket, Social Distortion, King Missile…

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I’m a different generation, Woodstock was AWESOME, another great concert was Janis Joplin at the Tanglewood. What a summer it was in 1969.

Worst was at Shaboo Inn in Mansfield Connecticut and I don’t remember who it was just that they had multiple sound / mic. problems. (1973? )

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Best was Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds at Duke with an audience of just a few hundred. It was an intimate setting, and Dave talked about growing up in South Africa, and the music was enthralling.

Worst was The Church at UNC. They sucked so bad I left.

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@tom_g: You’ve seen NIN, Public Enemy and Sonic Youth???? seething with jealousy haha. I finally saw Primus on tour last year and I was so impressed. I’ve seen Bad Religion a couple times, too.

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Best concerts: Judas Priest, Bon Jovi.
I haven’t been to any bad concerts, just some okay ones.
Can’t wait to see RHCP live! I’ve already bought my ticket! Concert’s in two months!

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@this_velvet_glove: Nice! Hope it is groovy. I lost my t shirt at a RHCP show when I was in high school. (And Snoop Dogg opened for them! People were throwing him blunts on the stage, lmfao.) I’m still skeptical of this new guitarist business but I suppose I’ll listen to their new album eventually :-p

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@bookish1 Awesome :D
I know… Well I’ve listened to their new album and it’s pretty good, but I still like Californication and By The Way more. I’m With You is closer to pop music… but I like it anyway :p

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The best was Barbra Streisand.

I have been to a lot of concerts but none stand out as being particularly unbearable. I’ve enjoyed them all in some way although there are plenty that I wouldn’t bother going to see again (Nickleback for example, my dad and I bought my brother tickets a few years ago and decided to go along too as neither of us really knew much about them. We all, including my brother who was a fan at the time, came out feeling that the concert was quite forgettable.)

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@this_velvet_glove: Give a listen to Mother’s Milk, Blood Sugar Sex Magick, and One Hot Minute (with Dave Navarro as guitarist. Most underrated RHCP album in my opinion!) The entire albums, not just the singles !!!

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@bookish1 I will! :) I’ve listened to some songs from Blood Sugar Sex Magik but not the whole album.

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@this_velvet_glove : Great. I just love thinking about how many different cohorts of people have grown up with different eras of the Chili Peppers. They are an institution! The first album I bought by them was Californication. That was a friggin HUGE hit, they were playing it on the radio and MTV for over a year.

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@bookish1 I was two years old when Californication was released :p First RHCP album I bought was Stadium Arcadium.

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@this_velvet_glove : Most people tell me I am young, but thanks for making me feel like an OLD MAN :-p

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@bookish1 Oh I’m sorry. How old are you? :p

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@this_velvet_glove : Old enough to legally consume peyote ;)

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Don’t judge too hard but I was a firm hater of dubstep until my roommate literally dragged me to see Bassnectar with him a few months ago at Red Rocks (an outdoor semi-natural ampitheater near Denver). It was the most beautiful night ever, the moon was full right above us (the moon already makes me emotional) and combined with the magic mushrooms the music was just right and it was probably not only the best show I’ve ever been to but also one of the best nights of my life!

Worst? I don’t know, I’ve never been to a concert I particularly disliked.

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Worst? I walked out on a Jethro Tull concert. I almost did to a Kinks concert, but only because the acoustics were so bad.

The Best? Elton John, with a percussionist. No loud guitars blasting out the sound.

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