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In your opinion what are the pros and cons for circumcision on the male?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) July 13th, 2012

I’m curious as to what you think about male circumcision.
Women: Do you have a preference?
Men: Did you receive circumcision later on in life and feel a difference?

Personally I have had the procedure at the age of 10. I don’t remember anything drastic in “usage” for before and after.

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I was told it is more to clean things up as the excess skin can problematic, suppose just hygiene purposes. I don’t even remember being circumcised when I was little.

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—-...not again…—

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Well as I have said many times before, I think that it is genital mutilation when it it is performed on baby boys and that is just plain wrong. In this modern day where people shower daily, there is no need for such an extreme measure to ensure good penis hygiene.

The foreskin is there for a purpose and that is to protect the most sensitive part of the penis. There are no benefits to removing it. On many long distance cycling and running events I sure wish that I still had my foreskin as I rubbed the head on my penis raw.

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The pros – you fit in with social convention.
In sub-Saharan African countries with very high rates of HIV being circumcised reduces the risk of the male contracting HIV from the female slightly. (It does not however reduce the reduce the risk of the woman contracting it if the man already has it).

The cons – circumcised males statistically take part in more unsafe sex practices as they are told by society they are at less risk of getting an STD and are therefore at a higher risk of contracting an STD. (oh the irony)
Countries with higher rates of circumcised males statistically have more men who develop penile cancer. (the treatment of which is amputation).
The procedure causes pain and physiologic stress and there is a correlation between circumcision and intensity of pain response during vaccination months. A higher risk of meatal stenosis (narrowing of the urethra) leading to discomfort on urination, incontinence, bleeding after urination and recurrent UTI’s.
Males circumcised after commencing sexual activity report significantly less enjoyment. Males circumcised before don’t know what they are missing.
There is no evidence that circumcision aids or improves hygiene in any way. You’ll find just as many disgusting dirty circumcised men as uncircumcised.

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In these questions, no one ever seems to mention the fact that some studies show that women who are involved with uncircumcised males have a higher incidence cervical cancer and vaginal infections.

I have known 2 men who were not, both said they wished they had been. I was not sexually involved with these men, this subject came up in group conversation.

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Just sayin- when my son was born I had to hire a surgeon to do a circumcision as it was not done there and you were seriously looked at for even wanting this. I insisted because, what little boy is going to know how to keep it clean, I have been with un circumcised men and thought it gross! My choice for my son was no choice for him. It is one’s own choice, but I have to tell you that as an ex professional escort in many areas around the world it’s not attractive to most women, I know I am going to get alot of flack about this but seriously, eww, really. not into smegma.

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Yep. We’ve run through this a bunch of times here – and not so long ago.

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@rooeytoo so you seriously think it is better to mutilate a baby boy than vaccinate a girl?

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@trailsillustrated An uncircumcised penis does not mean that smegma is guaranteed. It can occur on both men and women who do not bathe regularly and properly.

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Is this something totally new; a vaccination for cervical cancer?

I know that there is a vaccine for HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) which has a high correlation with cervical cancer (but there are other cases of cervical cancer having nothing to do with HPV.

So is the HPV vaccine what you were referencing or is there something newer than that?

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@Buttonstc – thank you, I was going to ask that as well. And if circumcising protects females from cervical cancer then yes, do it. And if males don’t like it, then I guess you better make friends with your hand or find a woman who doesn’t care. As I said of all the males I have known (and I don’t mean sexually, I mean have known well enough that such subjects are discussed) only 2 were not circumcised and they wished they had been. I am always surprised when this question comes up in Fluther and so many vehemently oppose or resent it. One jelly said he has more important things to worry about. How many worry about their missing healthy tonsils?

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This is a good question.
I have two little boys both of which have not been circumsized yet. My first son I basically took care of. he never got and infection, I you take the time to clean him as a baby so there was no issues at all.
now my second son has all sorts of issues, hes had a kidney infection twice but that is because his mother is too lazy to clean him correctly.
Thus proveing that if you take care of youself correctly that there is no real need to have the procedure. Lastly that kind of procecdure can have lasting psycological affects on some children. My Brother had his son Cercumsized when he was one and the poor child freaks out even during simple diaper changes.
Im choosing not to cercumsize my second son simply because he was born premature and has already had 1 surgery there is no reason to put him in any more pain then he needs. And ive lived a great sexually active life without the procedure and its never bothered any women ive been with

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