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Have you had pets all of your life?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11060points) July 21st, 2012

I was just discussing this with a family member. Thinking about it, I’ve had pets ever since I was born. I’m now 40.

I was also thinking, after my pooch, who is almost 16 is gone, I won’t be getting a dog for awhile. My kitty lives with my g/f, so, I won’t have a pet around. It’ll feel weird.


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I grew up on a farm. I have always loved animals.

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Wait…I thought you were getting a basset hound. Did the plans change?

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My girlfriend and I are going to wait on that.

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Gosh you’re old.

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Thank you for the update.

Yes, there have been pets in the home for most of my life. When the last one went, there was a feeling of emptiness in the house. It was much like losing a beloved roommate. There was also, eventually, a sense of freedom.

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I did for most of my life. There was a 10 year period after my husband’s dog died before we finally decided to get another one. We had no pets during that time.

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Pretty much. As a kid we always had cats. Sometimes my dad let in stray cats, they stayed for a few days then just up and left. We had our own cats, of course. Ginger, Frimousse, Mistigris. There are a few periods of my life where there were no pets around. I currently have two cats, Satan and Catastrophe. I also had a hamster as a teen, Odin, but when I got him he was already pretty old and I didn’t have him all that long. :(

I also have a mammoth. He’s in the closet, chillin’ like a villain.

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I had cats from about the age of 8 until I moved out… I don’t have any cats right now, because I don’t think I could afford to take good care of them, and because I have to travel frequently for my work. It hurts; I miss cats so much :(

@Symbeline : That must be a mighty big closet you got there! What do you feed the mammoth?

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Off and on. I got my first pet, a cat, when I was four. She was an orange cat very similar to one I have now, and her name was Ginger. Sadly, I turned out to be allergic, and we had to give her away. I was so sad! (I’m probably still allergic, but it doesn’t cause major health issues these days.) Still while I was a kid, I had two parakeets, two tiny pugs (which also had to go to a new home), 7 other cats, and a multitude of goldfish. I had one cat early in my first marriage, then went for years and years with no pets at all (having 3 kids in four years cured me of wanting to take care of one more living thing!) Just started being a cat person again within the last 6 years or so. I had two, lost one to liver disease, and recently got another so I have two again. Chance and Mouse.

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Absolutely. I need pets to feel happy. Without them I’m a bit lonely.

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I have a cat, but I also had bunnies some years ago.

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I always had some sort of critter but didn’t get our first dog until I was about 8. I fell in love with them and have never been (and can’t imagine ever being) without one or more since then.

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No. There were no pets in my parents home until they got a cat, when I was aged about 5. Also when I moved out into my own place I was without pets for about seven years.

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Yes. I just had this conversation with a friend, actually. I’ve had a pet (or pets, really) all of my life. My mother’s cat used to sleep in my crib – and believe it or not, she did not suck the breath out of me, as urban legend would have it.
The thought of living in a house with absolutely no pets is so bizarre to me, I can’t really imagine it.

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I’ve had cats nearly all my life, and plan to always have them.

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I haven’t. When I was about 11 or 12, my dad finally agreed to let me get a small pet, so I got an albino dwarf hamster. Hamsters don’t live very long, though, so after he died I got two teddy bear hamsters. Those also died after a year or two and then I got a guinea pig, whom I’ve had for several years now. I love him, even though he is loud sometimes and smells like poop pretty much always.

My dad is super against any animal that he might have to take care of though, so cats and dogs have always been out of the question, sadly. As @augustlan said above, though, I have Chance and Mouse at her house. My dad’s fiancee has a cat as well, so I still get to be around cats fairly often! I wish we had had cats or dogs growing up (though I’m definitely more of a cat person, I do love some dogs!)

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My family already had a cat when I was born. She died when I was 6, and we got our current pair of cats two months later. So, I’ve basically never been without cats. I knew I would miss them, but didn’t realize how much of a shock it would be when I went to college. I really missed the lack of company of someone that loves unconditionally and never judges.

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No, but I always wanted a dog. Our landlords didn’t allow pets. Finally, when I was 22, my girlfriend got me a Bassett Hound. I’m 40 now and on my third dog.

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Pretty much. There was a couple of years when my mum had a no pets rule but that didn’t last long.

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Absolutely. I can’t imagine not having pets!

Growing up, we had a cat and a dog. When I moved out on my own, I went about two weeks before getting a cat of my own – I just couldn’t stand the quiet, and the place seemed so empty! I will always have cats. I’d love to have a dog one day, but not until I know I’ll have the space and time for one.

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I’ve always had cats or a cat, I had a dog for 13 years, she died almost 20 years ago.

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Yes. My parents love animals so I was always around them. Still am.

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