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How do I save our spider plant from our rambunctious kitty?

Asked by jonsblond (43432points) November 16th, 2017

Here we go again.

10 month old indoor kitty loves to spend time on top of our spider plant. These plants are hardy! I can’t believe the plant is still alive but I assume it can only take so much abuse.

How do we keep kitty from loitering on top of the spider plant?

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Put toothpicks all around it. Maybe it will make your kitty uncomfortable and he’ll decide to leave it alone.

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move the plant to higher ground.

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Find an essential oil that kitty doesn’t like. Put it on a cotton ball and place it on the leaves. You could also hang some off some stems. Try experimenting to see what smells kitty dislikes the most. I seem to remember hearing that they don’t like fruit but I am not sure. If that’s true then lemon extract might work.

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Move it now!
There is a compound in spider plants similar to opium. Just levate or hang it where kitty can’t get to it.

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Put a giant cucumber by it.

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LOL. ^^^ You watch too much youtube.

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I’m glad I asked, @Tropical_Willie. I moved the plant to a room where kitty can’t get to it for now.

Thank you!

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Kitties leave stuff alone when you squirt water at them.
Get a spray bottle. Fill it with water, and use it for nothing but water.
,y former neighbor had a cat which came to visit often. He learned that when he saw me reach for my spray bottle, to retrace his steps. At home he was a nuisance, but here he behaved perfectly.
He was mad at me the first couple of times, but when he learned I wouldn’t squirt if he did what I said, all was forgiven.

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