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How would one explain astral projection to a medical doctor?

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) July 22nd, 2012

How would one explain In a way that makes logical sense in an initial interview?

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My first thoughts are that one would not. A medical doctor of the western traditions is trained to not accept astral projection as a logical devise. They will assess hallucinations, chemical imbalances and such like. If you cannot accept that these are the basis of your experiences of astral projections, they will simply refer you to a psychiatrist and a drug cocktail to balance your system.

Now don’t get me wrong, you may have experienced astral projection. I’m just saying you do not get to keep it as a spiritual event when you talk to a medical doctor, especially one trained in western medicine.

So what you are really asking? How to stop having these experiences, or how to hold these experiences as spiritual and function as normal in society?

If you want to stop having these experiences, then just tell your doctor that you are having these experiences and ask for help in finding the cause so that you can stop.

If what you want is the second, then you need to do more research outside the mainstream medicine world.

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You could explain it, but not in a way that guarantees they would believe it. They would be inclined not to.

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My SIL has been on some type of medication for about 20 years and her doctor is taking her off of it slowly. She feels as if she is having out of body experiences and he told her that was a side affect of coming off her medicine. So just explain the best you can about what you are feeling and maybe he will understand it and actually have a reason for it.

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I pretty sure there are known neurological pathways and mechanisms that are responsible for making us feel “within” our bodies, and I’m pretty confident that science has a good understanding of how the “feeling at one with the universe” sensation operates. There is also lucid dreaming which is also a known mental phenomenon. The point is that a medical doctor (especially a neurologist) will interpret your symptoms in terms of these known entities and mechanisms. They understand that these experiences are real for you.

An easy experiment to test if you’re actually astrally projecting or just having an experience that your mind is generating with no correlation to reality is to have someone go to a place where you will astrally project, and every 5 minutes flip over a card from a standard deck of playing cards, with a clock on the table. Then have someone with you recording which cards you see at what time. If you’re able to identify the cards significantly better than chance, you might want to contact the JREFF for a shot at a million dollars.

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Astral projections are not backed up by scientific evidence and studies. Maybe this article will help:

Medical doctors rely on scientific evidence.

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I can’t imagine the average MD being open to such things but if I were to try relating it to them I’d maybe compare it to something like lucid dreaming.

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Is no proof astral projection exist. If believe if believe do it should tell psychiatrist, they know more of delusions and dreams.

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