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When the human race is gone who or what will take over?

Asked by judochop (16119points) June 1st, 2008 from iPhone

Who is going to run the show?

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Plant-life is my guess. Animals will eventually devour each other (?) So I guess the only thing that has a chance are weeds and trees.

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cockroaches will evolve. They will stand upright and wear top hats with little holes for there antennas to stick out.

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The Daleks, of course.

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those Damn Dirty Apes ofcourse

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The Morlocks, our Subterranean overlords.

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cockroaches for sure… But don’t forget the white canes to go along with the top hats!

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The great Nordic tree Penguins.

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The Borg

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The few Mutants that survive the nuclear holocast will spawn a new race of humanoid changelings, just another attempt at civilization to hopefuly last more than a few thousand years.

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I hope there are cockroach people in the future. That my friends would be awesome.

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I agree. I saw this Discovery Channel documentary of what the world would be like after humans die out, and they said plants will be EVERYWHERE and CATS would most likely be the new dominant species.

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yep according to biologists it’s going to be felines, canines, and deer. Lots and lots of deer.

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lol Apes are probably a pretty accurate guess, but it would depend on what the end of the human race was caused by I guess

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@cheebdragon is right…..
Foamy has already taken over….

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No one. Read the Book of Revalation, the last Book of the Holy Bible.

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ah, that’s just nonsense ;)

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why do people worship a book?

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I happen to be athiest but I don’t think you should disrespect someone’s beliefs.

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I am not disrespecting. I happen to be a Christian. Though I do not worship in a church I do believe the Bible to a degree just not word for word.
Why does everyone assume the worst on the Internet?

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not trying to argue or anything but “why do people worship a book?” doesn’t leave a whole lot to assume, you may know your feelings about religion but others don’t.
Catch my drift….
; )

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