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Who's catching Dave Matthews Band this summer?

Asked by mcbealer (10198points) June 1st, 2008

Where and when? Who you taking?
I’ve got tickets for June 27th at Hershey Park, going with some friends.

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I won’t be going, but I hope you have fun.
: )

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It must be a coincidence that I just read this today. Go on, read it. To the end. ;-)

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@ Vincent ~ Not I : “chick with huge boobs, buck teeth, and an ankle-length floral skirt that she twirls around like an idiot because she thinks her awesome boobs give her enough social capital to make up for the buck teeth and hairy toes.”

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Vincentt has rocked da house!!!

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I love Dave’s music, and I love Michael Franti even more – who’s opening for him in 4 of the shows. Enjoy!

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@mcbealer – then you must be “some dude wearing khaki cargo shorts replete with dangling rock climbing hooks, even though he doesn’t hike because he can’t afford to drive his gas-guzzling Jeep” :P

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@ Vincentt ~ wrong, again
Keep guessin’ though, this is fun since apparently there are no DMB fans from fluther going this summer.

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Well, thebestpageintheuniverse doesn’t name any other typical fan ;-)

Though I’ll guess you’re a gnome judging by your avatar :)

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ahh you’re onto me!

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