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Computer won't complete a System restore to any restore point?

Asked by trypaw (332points) July 27th, 2012

I have windows XP and ever since I re installed it my computer does not complete system restores. I try any date and every time it tells me the restoration wasn’t incomplete and no changes have been made to my computer. Any idea why it does this? Has done this since I completely wiped my PC so I don’t think it’s a virus. (also being as I’ve done like 40 virus checks since that time) What could this be?

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How long ago did you reinstall?

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Mine has been doing this too…

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You have a virus that has reached the registry level, you need to seek professional assistance. Norton technical support for a fee maybe $100 will remotely connect to you computer and clean it up, or find someone who has the knowledge to do it.
re-read you question. I know in the recent past I had some viruses that were at the registry level where they weren’t detected and couldn’t be routed.
You say you wiped it? As in reinstalling windows or re formating everything.

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@choreplay I do not have a virus. I know how to find viruses. It has done this since I booted up windows for the first time after re installing everything (yes, everything). I do not see how that is possible. Nothing else is wrong with my computer.

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Each installation of Windoze has it’s own “fingerprint” and thus often ignores just about everything about previous installations, and would thus reject “foreign” restore points, like those made before the re-install. As for those afterwards though…

Then again, I have found System Restore to be rather flaky/erratic to begin with.

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Assuming you installed XP some time back, you need to disable any anti-virus programs before you do a system restore. I have found that to be the problem every time I’ve attempted to do an SR. Usually that fixes the problem of the incomplete system restore. Please note you will have to update your anti-virus program after the system restore is complete.
If this is not the problem, then it sounds like it could be a hardware issue which no amount of system restoring is going to fix.

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