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Why isn't my SteelSeries Stratus XL controller working properly?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) November 23rd, 2016

I got a SteelSeries Stratus XL controller to play games on my PC.

At first it worked all right. I paired it through my Insignia Bluetooth and I was ready to go.

Then the next day I couldn’t play properly. My character kept firing even though I wasn’t pressing the fire button. I kept resetting the controller but some issue always came up. Either I kept walking without moving the joystick or I kept firing without pressing fire. Sometimes after resetting I’d be okay if I walked around without pressing anything, but then when I started pressing buttons my character would just keep firing.

I updated the firmware on the controller. I even updated the Insignia Bluetooth driver to make sure it’s for Windows 10. I’ve unpaired and paired the controller countless times. This is really fucking annoying and I don’t know what’s wrong. Trying to look up useful information on this is aggravating so I resorted to Fluther.

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Some of those controllers when first setting them up have internal capacitors that need to be discharged. With it powered press all the buttons like 50 times repeatedly. If that does not fix it you could have driver/mapping issues or a faulty button on the controller itself.

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I’ll try that. I checked device manager btw and nothing came up as having an issue.

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