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How likely is it that the Padres will get a new logo upon new ownership?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4375points) July 27th, 2012

Pretty straight foward :D

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No idea really, I suppose you could go through the records and find out how frequently new ownership resulted in a new logo and get a better idea of the likelihood. But for my two cents, they just had a minor update so I doubt they’ll do anything too extreme maybe another tweak to get the new owner’s “stamp” on the team but I wouldn’t expect anything like what the Astros are doing – though the Astros also switching leagues and looking for a whole new image. Who knows, SD may go wholesale and change everything, but I think they’re money would be better spent on minor league prospects & development and investing in maintaining a stronger core of players than on new logos/uniforms. After all, if they start winning consistently and contend for a playoff spot every year they could go back to the yellow/brown look of the early 70’s and no one would care (well, except perhaps the poor guys who’d have to wear them on national TV).

Here’s a related link of their logos over the years if you’re interested.

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Perhaps they should and it would help their record ;)

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As long as they don’t go back to the taco cap. All I could find was the SD logo and the script Padres, and those look pretty standard. There wouldn’t be any reason to do more than a small tweak at the beginning of next season, but nothing drastic.

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I liked the taco cap!

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