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Do you have an expiration date for answering questions?

Asked by josie (30931points) July 29th, 2012

Occasionally I come across a question that sort of begs me to answer it. But then I realize it is a year or two old and I figure my answer by then is going to be neither helpful, informative or entertaining. So I usually don’t.
Do you have a length of time after which a question has pretty much expired?

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No. I will answer a question regardless of it’s age if I have something to add to the discussion. Personally I love it when really old questions are revived in this way!

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if the last activity was over a year, I skip it

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Sometimes when the question is really compelling…I will still answer it after a few years. I often think that old threads that are revived can still help someone out there who is sitting at their computer (puzzled, crying, upset, wondering, needing answers) in some part of the globe in the middle of the night or when they just don’t know who to ask.

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Yeah, sometimes I just answer if I find a question regarding a topic that I find particularly interesting/intriguing/mindboggling. It really depends on the question.

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I’ve had that happen. sometimes it’s too late, and I end being Johnny-come-lately. Most of the time I catch it though. i leave them alone if they’re more than a day or so old, or if the OP has gotten back on and thanked everyone. I figure they’re no longer interested at that point.

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It’s like shopping for ripe fruit, if it looks, feels & smells stale, then i’m going to move on….probably to the condiment aisle.

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It’s embarrassing, but if I see a question that old that I’m interested in I probably have already answered it.
I learned the hard way when I didn’t check once and gave an almost identical answer to the same question twice. I can’t remember who caught it and called me out on it.

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If I came across an old question I wanted to answer it I would just answer it. When people do this it can have the effect of regenerating the question. People who are still following that question will be alerted to your response and may then give you a response. The original questioner may still be here and interested.

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If it’s new information, or something that hasn’t already been said, I’ll answer it no matter how old it is. You never know who might be helped by it.

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I might. Like @Judi, I’ve learned to check to see if I already posted a response. Otherwise, it typically would turn up to be a duplicate. Sometimes though, as @augustlan points out, it may be new information learned or something that hasn’t already been posted.

@Bellatrix I check to see if the OP is still around, and a quick glance through the responder’s names tell me if it is worth the effort. I suppose that it always is, even if the question is time-sensitive.

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I have no time limit on this. Heck, I would answer a question from 1845 if I though I could give a practical repsonse that would be valuable.

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It depends. Generally I have a six month rule, but it’s not rigid. I’ll at times make an exception if I know the user who had asked it is still around yet. That’s just me though.

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I have no time limit, but also no way of looking up old questions.

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I’ve no time limit and think zombiefying is fun.

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