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Male golfers: do prefer steel or graphite irons?

Asked by tranquilsea (17655points) July 30th, 2012

My hubby’s birthday is coming up and I want to buy him new golf clubs. I have graphite shafts on my irons and like them but I’ve heard that some men don’t like graphite on their irons but do on their woods.

What is your preference and why?

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What does he use now, @tranquilsea?

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He uses steel irons but he’s been complaining about them.

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I like graphite. Two years ago, I bought my husband a new set of Cleveland clubs for his birthday. He loves them.

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The more I research the more I see most sets are steel/graphite combinations. Are Cleveland clubs steel?

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His irons have graphite shafts. Lightweight and very forgiving.

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Is it possible to give him a gift certificate to the local pro shop so that he can pick them out himself?

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I’m not a fan of our pro shops as their mark up is enormous compared other stores.

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My experience with graphite iron shafts is a little dated. I used to write for a golf clubmaker’s magazine and I co-authored a book on club fitting. At that time, shafts may not have been as consistent as they are today. Universally though, most men play shafts that are too stiff for them. This results in loss of distance and accuracy. I found myself, that I was more consistent and comfortable with SENIOR flex steel shafts. Very often in blind testing, I found men would push shots to the right with a shaft that was too stiff, or hook a shaft that was not stiff enough. Sometimes this can result in bad habits that mess things up when the player is fitted with an appropriately flexed shaft. I will say that at the time, graphite shafts felt real nice, but inconsistency in their manufacture caused problems, and we tested hundreds of shafts.

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