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Have you ever had warts?

Asked by minnie19 (435points) July 30th, 2012 from iPhone

How did you deal with them?

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I had some when I was a kid; haven’t had any for ages (and I hope I didn’t just jinx myself!). My mom got me Compound W but I don’t remember it working all that well. I had one on a knuckle that I used to chew on, but I doubt that was what made it go away.

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On my head. I had it cut it off. The surgeon’s last name was “Fleischer”, which translates to “butcher”.

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Dermatologist froze them or snipped them.

My brother, when he was 7–8, followed my maternal grandmother’s advice, rubbed some raw bacon on his warts and then buried the bacon in the backyard on the night of a full moon.

It worked, but of course, he was a believer and a non- skeptic.

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My mom had one, and it was frozen and cut off (by a professional)

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When I was a child I had 27 warts on my left knee, one was large and the others small, I detested these warts. When I was around 11 I was running and fell over and knocked the largest wart which started bleeding profusely, I was so upset because I thought that where the blood spread new warts would develop as a result. But to the contrary, the largest must have been like the mother wart, it died and all the others disappeared. Suffice to say, I was ecstatic!

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Yes. Only one when I was about 10. It was on my arm, and I kept digging it out with my fingernails in hopes that it wouldn’t grow back. It did. I told Mom, who took me to the doctor. He put a drop of the liquid freezing stuff on it. It fell off in a week or so and never came back.

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No, but I had a pet toad with a terrible case of them. Nothing would get rid of them. My mom said I should get a frog if I wanted a toad without warts. I kept the toad, warts and all. His name was Walter.

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Had one on my left thumb. Solution: Fire and a scalpel.

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Man Ive had one on my finger for years now, it came out of stress. Then when I was wearing a ring it got stuck and it was half open and hurting. So the next week I got 15 more in different parts of my body. Theyre quite small for now, but man they annoy me. I’m leaving for USA in 11 days, and Thats why I dont know if one session of freezing all would work or not :/

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strangely enough I actually made them go away with a homeopathic. I’ve never been one to really get into homeopathic meds but just for the heck of it I bought a bottle of this stuff and told myself I’d try it til the bottle was gone to see what it would do/if it would work.

The first couple weeks I saw no change and then I got distracted by life and forgot to look each day – when I remembered I was about 3 weeks into it and I looked and had 2–3 warts that had disappeared. two on my hand & one on my knee. it was pretty cool – I kept the bottle so I wouldn’t forget what the stuff was in case I got another wart. Not sure if they even still make that product cause I haven’t needed to find out.

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