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Do you think this is the right way to get rid of a wart?

Asked by minnie19 (435points) August 1st, 2012

I went to a dermatologist today. What she did was, she took a needle and poked my warts, and it started bleeding, and she wiped the wart. Then she froze the warts (just once each). I didn’t feel any pain during the freezing process.

I was looking through the web, and saw nothing such as poking the wart with needles before freezing. I’m a little worried now. It’s been 6 hours. and there’s just blood on the warts.

Is this a common method, and will it work?

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I think that’s how they did it to my son. And it disappeared after a few weeks.

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They probably poked it so to make sure it would freeze to the core. Otherwise, it comes back again.

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I think the needle contained a painkiller such as lidocaine, to numb the wart and the surrounding skin before they froze it. Otherwise it would have hurt a lot. The wart should fall off within a week. This is the most common method of wart removal.

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@Kardamom No it didn’t actually.. Yes it hurt :( She just poked it and it bleed like crazy, and she basically cleaned off the blood and this little white thing, and she said warts were like pimples. And then she frooze them with this machine, she did it so little and just once. I watched a video on Youtube and the doctor was freezing it for more than 3 minutes! :/

I had two small ones on my chest near my breasts, and now it looks horrible with blood on them.
The biggest one was on my finger, and it hurt the most. She poked it quite a lot. The other ones, she just slightly touched the needle to them and frooze a bit.

Well hopefully they’ll disappear on their own now. Because I have more that I just found out after the doctor. I started taking Zinc pills so that should help my immune system.
But I had the wart on my finger for 3 years and it hadn’t disappeared :/ I hope the others won’t get big!

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My wart was not frozen, but cut off directly, under local anaesthesia

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I’m a big fan of the duct tape method, personally. It costs nothing, doesn’t hurt, and has worked for me (one study showed it to be more effective than freezing, though another wasn’t so positive). And did I mention that it costs nothing?

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@thorninmud, I’ve heard that method is quite effective, even though it sounds like it wouldn’t work. Must be some chemical compound in the adhesive that does the job.

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I had warts frozen. It took two times, but it worked. That was one on my foot. Another one, on my hand, I dealt with a tweezer. There was loads of blood, but getting the ‘root’ was the trick to getting rid of it. It hurt like a bastard, but I got rid of it. Just remember, this is temporary. Get them treated, look after your immune system and you will be fine.

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@thorninmud @Kardamom It just leaves no air for the wart to breathe and it destroys it…

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@cazzie Good to know it worked! So relieved.

I didn’t pay anything for this one either… My parents knew the girl. Since they’re both doctors, they know many other doctors in different areas! so lucky

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@minnie19 It may be the air deprivation thing, but maybe not. The clinical study that had the not-so-good results used clear duct tape, which would have also cut off air to the wart, but the clear stuff uses a different kind of adhesive from the gray version. So it looks more likely that it has something to do with a mild irritant effect cause by the adhesive on classic duct tape.

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The standard method I’ve always heard / read about is using salicylic acid. (common in OTC wart removal kits). It really does destroy the wart, but it can take a long time and will easily mess up skin around the wart it you’re not careful.

Also, warts are not “like pimples”. Warts are caused by a virus and are much different.

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No, the standard medical method is freezing the area of skin the virus has attacked. There are many non-medical ideas.

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I haven’t had a wart removed in ages, but the Dr burned mine off with a machine that looked a lot like a wood burning tool.

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FWIW, all warts have an itsy bitsy mini vein that supplies blood to them and keep them healthy. If you poke at your wart yourself, you’ll see the teeny black dot in the center. In order to keep the wart from growing back, you also have to destroy the blood supply.

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