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What's the best brand of duct tape?

Asked by ibstubro (18760points) July 18th, 2016

I’m once again trying to remove warts from my foot using duct tape.

If there is a brand that has superior adhesion I want to use it.

I’m currently using Gorilla Tape, from the makers of Gorilla Glue.

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Gorilla, IMHO, has the best adhesion that I am aware of. I’m don’t know about the technical specs, but it holds the best (I use it for lawn/garden tools repair and enhancement of grip surfaces.)

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Duck brand has the pretty patterns and is good for crafting.

If you need something to really stick, Gorilla is better.

If you really REALLY need it to stick, use Gaffer’s tape instead of duct tape.

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Gorilla was what was handy, @Yetanotheruser & @Seek, so I’m currently using it.
I had a feeling it was superior to Duct Brand Tape.

I’ve heard of gaffer’s tape, but never seen it in person, @Seek. I have no idea where I would look for it locally, not having a movie industry supply house handy?

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Duct tape to remove warts? Dude, you need a pair of tongs a hot coal for that job or some dry ice. Then you can use the duct tape to secure the gauze around the crater in your foot. lol

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I think it worked on my other foot, @Coloma.

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Evil Big Box stores carry it, like this one

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Have a doctor do it.

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The Gorilla tape was (need I say) free to me.

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@ibstubro I know, when I went to buy basic, masking tape when I was painting awhile back I was blown away at hoe freaking expensive it was. I went to a K-mart and it was still like $6.00 a roll and not a big roll either, about an inch wide roll. I hadn’t gone tape shopping forever, it was amazing to me how expensive a freaking roll of masking tape was.

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@ibstubro – Yeah, I used to pinch it from the office. Only partial rolls, of course. Ran out a while back and haven’t bought more.

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Having an auction house, I can acquire most everyday items for free, or the same as free. The rest I can usually buy second hand for under $1.

Did you even check the everythingisadollar store, @Coloma?
That said, @Seek, I don’t know if I’d recognize gaffer’s tape if I saw it. In the link they looked like really large rolls, comparative to duct tape.

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Or just dig it out with a knife

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Gaffer’s tape is not sticky in the way duct tape is.

Gaffers are the electricians on movie and TV sets. They use the tape to stick everything to everything else, and it’s designed to peel off without leaving a residue.

It will hold movie lights on a wall, but it doesn’t stick to your skin & warts.

I used to sell studio lighting equipment, including gaffer’s tape by the case.

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Duct tape and gorilla glue were in my first aid kit when my son was growing up.

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Shudder, @chyna. I would, literally, bleed to death. I’m a bleeder.

Thanks, @Call_Me_Jay. That will stop me from shopping it retail. I might still try it if it’s free.

Thanks for the endorsement, @ARE_you_kidding_me.

Gorilla or Super, @Dutchess_III? Gorilla is fairly new on my personal radar?

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Sorry…you’re very right. It was Superglue. And this is a true story!

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I’ve been using New Skin for years, @Dutchess_III.
Basically, medicated Super Glue.

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Ah. Well, I rarely, rarely feel the need for a bandaid. I think that the body can take care of it’s own owies just fine, as long as I keep it clean. Had a pretty nasty scratch from my dog’s claw on my arm. It got pretty bad for a bit, but then it got better.

I kept the superglue around for the cuts my son sustained quite frequently that probably called for a stitch or two!

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Ah! I just read your details! How are you trying to remove the warts? By ripping them off? Very bad idea. Warts are caused by a virus. If you don’t kill it first, ripping it off just spreads the virus!
Go with a wart killer – remover. Compound W, or any other brand of Salicylic acid.

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Duct tape, in my personal experience, will remove warts, but it took a really long time. They’re gone off one foot, and I’m working on the other.

All Compound W ever did for me was make a very sore, very large crater that the wart filled to capacity when it got too sore to medicate anymore.
I have had warts for as long – literally – as I can remember.

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OK, this is gross, but as I kid I got planter warts a couple of times. After using the compound W for a couple of weeks, the wart eventually died and could be picked out, and yes, it looked like a crater. That’s because they were on the soles of my feet so they were forced to grown in, instead of out. So it’s not that there was a crater that the wart filled, the wart created the crater. Once the wart is out, it’s gone. It’s just a matter of letting the crater fill in, naturally.

Maybe you have an on -going problem because your methods aren’t killing the virus, but are spreading the virus about instead.

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@ibstubro by the way, what procedure are you using in trying to remove the wart with duct tape? Are you trying to pull the whole thing off at once, or a little at a time?

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I get a crater around the wart, it gets too painful to continue. then the wart fills the hole around it.

The Duct tape pulls the wart out, a little bit at a time. It also eliminates are chance of spreading, as the wart is covered, 24/7.
I used it with success on the other foot, in 2 different places.

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You say you’ve used it with success, meaning you got rid of those individual warts but ”I have had warts for as long – literally – as I can remember. So you may be getting rid of individual warts, but spreading the virus in the process of removing them, which is why more warts keep popping up.
It pulls it out a little at a time, which means when you pull the tape off you pull a little of the wart out…and in the time it’s uncovered, and torn it’s spreading the virus.

I’d check with my doc if it was as bad as you say. I’m pretty sure they can freeze them off and be done.

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I had a wart cluster on the pad ans big toe of one foot, and a wart on the other foot.
The wart on the other foot is the only one left.
I cleared one foot with duct tape.

I’ve had up to dozens at a time, usually following an unsuccessful round of Compound W.

Using Tape to Remove Warts – Topic Overview
How to get rid of warts
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I know you’ve removed individual warts but I still think you’re releasing the virus at the same time. I guess I’d check with the doc.

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