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Are there any TV commercials that cause you to walk out of the room if you can?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44098points) August 2nd, 2012

The Cox commercial, where the husband challenges his family to games to determine who gets to watch what…he hits his wife in the head, hard with a dodge ball. He beats his 11 year old (or so) daughter arm wrestling…even takes her by surprise. It’s disgusting.

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ANY Capital One commercial.

Insipid to the core.

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The toe fungus commercials gross me out.

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Sounds kinda funny.

There’s one where some CGI-animated monster comes up out of the drain and then morphs into a million little bugs, I can’t remember what it’s a commercial for, but it’s pretty damn hideous.

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I can not listen to Political BS. I often mute commercials. I have a Copy Writer in the family and most commercials annoy me.
Both Political parties hire Copy Writers to push their lies. They make me scream and I often turn them off. I can No longer speak with the Copy Writer. He lies well and works for the extreme R.
The worst commercials are ones that push candidates and their rhetoric. They lie so easily and I belief nothing they say.

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Any “talking baby” commercials, especially the e-trade ones. Creeps my the fuck out!!

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The one with the guinea pig guy who, by the end of the commercial, turns purple from all the tests done on him. I know it’s a laptop commercial, but I can’t recall which one (probably because I always mute the TV and look away when it comes on). It’s a really disturbing commercial and it grosses me out.

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Hot Ronald McDonald creeps me out a little

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@Ponderer983 E-TRADE BABIES ROCK!!!

@DominicX Yeah….I think it was supposed to be “cute,” but it comes off pretty vicious to me. Like, the guy is just a selfish, sadistic bully toward his family…and proud of it. And we’re supposed to laugh?

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The one showing cruelty to animal and looking for money for the SPCA.
I support them all I can from donations to rescues. I don’t need to see it on tv.

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^Agreed. I can’t get the TV off quick enough when those commercials come on.

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Well, this one is german, but the context of what she says isn’t the point, it’s the voice! I can’t stand silly children in commercials!

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@scuniper Really! Shut that kid up!!

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religious commercials for starters.

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Anything with a ringing telephone or an alarm clock. Also, political advertisements of every kind.

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No TV #2 here.
I watch frogs under the porch light remember.
Live nature documentaries 24/7 over here. lol

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PROGRESSIVE and I hope the band the flobots sue their ASSES off- I would never buy their insurance no matter how cheap the rates because I HATE HATE their commercials.

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Can’t stand that little claymation douchebag.

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Looks like claymation anyway, but it’s probably digital.

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Thanks! I learned something new today.

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