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Who puts mustard in their mac and cheese?

Asked by reijinni (6953points) March 12th, 2011

Just saw a commercial where you can ‘spice’ macaroni and cheese with mustard.

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Yuck. Why ruin perfectly good mac & cheese?

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Many recipes call for putting dry mustard into the roux when making mac and cheese, I think that’s pretty common. I have not tried putting regular prepared mustard into it, but I think I would probably like that. I love mustard and I love tangy mac and cheese!

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Mac and cheese needs no spicing. Its great just like it is.

Those commercials are just pushing mustard.

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As @Kardamom, my recipe for homemade mac & cheese calls for some dry mustard in the roux. It doesn’t add a terribly strong flavor. I wouldn’t add prepared mustard to prepared M&C though.

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@john65pennington, true, the commercial is pushing mustard. French’s Mustard to be specific.

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2nd answer, my wife just informed me that she uses mustard on her fried potatoes.

I wonder how come I never realized this, after 45 years.

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I’ll give this a try. My motto about food… you might be out of luck if you automatically say yuck.

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To make a proper cheese sauce you need to put a little mustard powder in to bring out the flavour of the cheese otherwise its really bland (or you’ll end up using too much salt).

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Hmm, I don’t know how good that sounds…I might be surprised, I suppose. I like putting boiled hotdogs in it, and drown the whole thing in ketchup after lol.

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Communists, I imagine. Or child molesters.

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^ lmao XD

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@reijinni I saw that commercial and thought the exact same thing. Mac and cheese needs no mustard in it, or anything else extra for that matter. And it’s also kind of weird that the mustard bottle floats around in the commercial. I would be extremely confused and concerned if my mustard floated out of the fridge and put itself in my mac and cheese.

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@laineybug, it would be weird to see a bottle floating around. Besides, all it really needs is ham, extra cheese, pepper and crushed crackers.

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@reijinni That sounds really good. Now I want some mac and cheese. I think I’ll try it your way next time I have it.

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