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On average, how much does a visit to a GP cost in the US?

Asked by Adagio (14052points) August 2nd, 2012

I felt inspired to ask this question after reading a question in the Meta section about why people ask for medical advice on Fluther rather than visiting the doctor, I have no idea how much it costs in the US to see a GP, would someone care to enlighten me please.

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It varies from region to region, from Dr. to Dr. and from symptoms to symptoms.

If I go to have a tick removed, I will pay less than my yearly wellness exam, with pap and blood work.

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$100 or maybe more with tests or injections.

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Between $85 and $100 depending where you go. If you have health insurance, it can range from free to a small co-pay of $25 – $30. If you are eligible for public health insurance such as Medi Care it is free (paid for by taxpayers).

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As above, in my experience, it’s not so much the cost of the GP (I sort of forget but I think I pay somewhere between $85–125 for an hour with mine) but the tests that might come with it that can really up the tally.

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@wonderingwhy: You have a PCP who spends an hour with you? Lead me to him.

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@gailcalled when I first met her I took about two hours and made it a point to ask if she was ok with me in terms of the number of questions and depth of answers and warned her that I’d be armed and ready with more in the questions in the future. She laughed, said “absolutely”, and it’s been a great relationship ever since.

And to tangentially add to @Adagio‘s question, @gailcalled brings up an important point. All too frequently a visit is rushed and/or the patient finds themselves ill prepared. So to maximize the value of the visit (going in or coming out) it’s usually very worthwhile to do some research before/after, hence some of the questions people ask here.

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I am in the same ranges as above. I would say $85–125. The first visit is usually more than if you already have an established relationship with the doctor, sometimes as high as $150. The assumption is a first visit takes longer so the doctor can collect more history I guess. Rarely an hour though. Usually 30 minutes I would say. 30 minutes with the doc, but you wind up at the office almost 2 hours between waiting, getting vitals taken, blood tests, etc. Additional appointments the doc expects to just spend 15 minutes from what I can tell.

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Highly variable.

Some GPs are at clinics and charge on a sliding scale. I paid ~$50–60/visit before I had insurance and only my $25 co-pay after I got it, while the truly destitute can go for free. Some doctors will charge you up to $200, and without insurance, you will pay it all. Oh, and that is just for the doctor; prescriptions are also pricey unless you have insurance.

Thing is, unless you can prove you are dad broke, you will always pay a fair chunk of money for a doctors visit. And those free/low-cost clinics I mentioned are not available in all areas; there are places where those earning under $30k/yr simply cannot afford medical attention at all. I know I let some illnesses go back when I had to decide between eating or paying rent.

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My co-pay is $25 per visit. My insurance costs $558 per month. So pick a number what it costs. But I have a terrible family history, so I’m stuck.

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@Adirondackwannabe Yeah, for those that have insurance, the real cost is far more than just the co-pay. Then again, people pay for the insurance whether they go to the doctor or not, so they don’t think about it.

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