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Should I go to the hospital?

Asked by Palindrome (1084points) April 6th, 2009

okay i dont even know how i got the energy to write this
i feel really sick
i had diarrhea last night after a bbq…and in the morning i was fine…but once i ate the cafeteria food…by 5th period i felt sick again and had stomach cramps…so i then eventually went to track practice and i still wasn’t feeling well…so when i went to tutoring after school..i started feeling nauseous and dizzy…and i threw up all over the floor…after i threw up i got really cold and started getting chills…i went to sleep when i got home…now i’m waking up…and my head feels really dizzy and i feel dehydrated with a really dry mouth…should i go? i still feel nauseous..

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If you have to ask, you should go, NOW

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Have you been drinking lots of fluids?

I personally don’t go to the hospital unless it’s a dire emergency. I’d see my regular doctor for your symptoms. i am not a doctor

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sounds like food poisoning, esp. if you were at a bbq.

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Pepto Bismo

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FIRST, tell someone in your home how you feel so they know you’re very ill.

SECOND, drink lots of water.

THIRD, take your pulse and temperature (have the person who you told do it if possible). If either (or more specifically both) are significantly high, you should see a doctor.

EVEN IF your pulse and temperature are normal, you sound ill enough to justify a trip to the doctors.

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Start by calling your doctor or whoever is covering for your doctor after hours. If that person advises you to go to the hospital, then you go.

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It sounds like you might just have the flu but it really could be any number of things. Before rushing off to the doctors I would try getting some rest and plenty of fluids.

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Definitely should visit a doctor, but perhaps not the hospital, if by that you mean emergency room.

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I wouldn’t waste the money on an ER just yet. Is there anyone around who you can talk to about your symptoms? A parent or friend? Keep drinking fluids and try eating some crackers. It really sounds like food poisoning to me, in which case it will pass. If you’re still throwing up and having diarrhea tomorrow, I would definitely go see a doctor.

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Are you retaining your fluids, or are you voiding them (peeing, diarrhea, vomiting) in larger amounts than you are consuming them?

If you appear to hold on to your fuilds at least somewhat, I would follow the advice already listed above about “everything but the doctor”. Rest and hydrate and pepto. If you appear to be voiding your fluids faster than you can take them in, call a nurse and/or get to a hospital.

I got nasty food poisoning about 2 years ago, and I was vomiting bile and approx 2 cups of fluid whenever I tried to take in a single tablespoon of water. My electrolytes levels were crashing hard and I had to be carried into the ER. I had to get a saline IV and they put me on anti-nausia meds, and I still had to drag the little IV tree into the bathroom with me every 10–15 minutes cuz I had diarrhea that just wouldn’t quit. I was there for hours. :(

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Given the scenario described, you most likely have food poisoning (is anyone else sick who ate at the BBQ?). Often, simple food poisoning goes away after 24–48 hours, though the period of illness is often very uncomfortable (lots of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea). Usually, I recommend people try the B.R.A.T. diet when this happens (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast). That said, sometimes people get very dehydrated from all the vomiting and diarrhea, and need some intravenous fluids to perk them up a bit. So, if you feel lightheaded or dizzy, can’t stand up, stop (or slow down) your peeing, or feel like your heart is racing, then yes, you should go and be seen.

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my mom knows about it..
as of right now i feel really lightheaded…
and have a mild headache…and my mom keeps telling me i’m lightheaded because i havn’t ate anything…she gave me crackers..i could only eat one…i have a serious loss of appetite…
i just check my blood pressure with this thing we had a home..
115: Systolic
80: Diastolic
107: Pulse

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call your doc kiddo.

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@NazNthahouse23, take your temperature and determine if you have a fever. Call your friends who were at the barbeque to see if anyone else is sick. Call your family doctor and be seen there; avoid the emergency room for something like this unless your primary care physician tells you to go. I get lightheaded when I get sick like that because my blood sugar levels drop; usually some juice or fruit perk me up. See if some ginger ale can stay down (not diet).

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Sounds just like the stomach flu that is making its rounds where I live right now. A number of my daughter’s friends had it, then the minister and his family, then my daughter, and then me.

We all had headaches, stomach/intestinal pain, a fever (mine was 99, my daughter’s was 101), nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. We also periodically had the shivers.

We sipped a bit of gingerale, sprite, orange juice, Gatorade or Pedialyte, wrapped up in blankets to stay warm, ate soda crackers or dry toast, and slept for about 24 hours. That is what our PCM said to do, and it worked. It was just really unpleasant for a while. We could get back to normal activities if we took it easy the next day, but didn’t feel really over it for about a week.

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How did this turn out?

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Well i’m better now…just watching what i’m eating…didn’t go to the hospital, i just let my body get rid of it by itself. Thanks everyone i really appreciate it!!

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Glad you are feeling better!

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I’d say no….you have the 24 hour flu. Everybody gets it at least once in their life. You’ll feel better tomorrow—but all the kids at school with be sick! Why did you go to school?

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It sounds like food poisoning from the cafeteria. How long after you ate did this start? Usually you know food poisoning about 30 minutes after eating.
If that doesn’t sound right, it’s probably the flu. Gatoraide! Keep those electrolites up!
If you have someone to be with you, you can probably not go to the hospital. If you’re alone, you should get someone to come watch you.

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So, it’s 5 months later . . . how are you feeling?

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haha. Well i’m feeling lots better. It’s amazing how something so horrible seems like a faint memory now.

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Any idea what it was?

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i’m honestly thinking it was the bbq that i ate the day before.
and i mean i usually mix a lot of things when i eat. like i’ll eat a pickle than eat something real sweet. i mean i have weird tastes, but i never was never really sick like that before. i mean i just thought the obvious answer was the bbq.

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IF you have parents then tell them

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@shilolo I thought the “T” stood for tea. Good to know I can add toast, too.

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where are you from?
i’m only asking because north america has a few viruses traveing around certain states, one being a type of the stomach flu

but, sounds like it could be food poisoning…

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@1000oceans i’m from texas. dallas, texas.

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well possibly the epidemic has spread to down there. up here in the michigan mitten it is flu city haha….just watch out for it.

it is quite a severe case

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Sounds like the flu. I had food poisoning once….it took several hours to get over it, but once it was done, it was done. It didn’t come back when I finally ate something else.

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Um yes I would go to the hospital when in doubt. Definitely. There are diseases such as the one that killed a Brazilian model that are very quick, and that need speedy attention.

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Of course, if you can visit a doctor, that´ll work too. The point is not to self-medicate. It could be food poisoning (I´ve seen people plop down in front of me a few minutes after eating meat that intoxicated them)

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SO DID YOU GO TO THE HOSPITAL???! What’d they say? Everminid. It was answered up there..

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i would probaly just call and or go see your regular doctor and see what he/she has to say.

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So what happened after all, nugoonie? Several people are still in a fluther answering your question long after you had your incident…

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She states above that she got better. It was likely food poisoning, given the symptoms and rapid improvement.

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thanks shilolo i’m thinking about removing this question over all since it was a problem that ended up being solved.

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if you go and doc says your okay fine ,if you don’t go and your not okay you die,witch one sounds better?

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I think it’s good to leave this post up because there’s a lot of good discussion on a subject that could apply to any of us in the future. If you can’t get your own doctor quickly, you might go to a walk-in clinic. You’ll probably be seen quicker than at an ER and it won’t be as costly. If it’s serious, they will recommend the ER, but most times you won’t need that.

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Eleven years later.

Did you die?

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