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Does consuming Mountain Dew/Swedish Fish really lower sperm count?

Asked by aneedleinthehayy (1198points) September 14th, 2008
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No but wearing tight pants will

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I suspect it WILL lower your chances of getting laid!

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No but you may have fewer brain cells after libation.

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Well it’s a good thing I’m not a guy, because I drink and eat that stuff probably a lot more than I should. At least I exercise and balance it out lol.

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Forgive me for my naïveté but is there some sort of connection between the two ingredients, or some sort of myth behind combining them?

Seems to me that it would just make for an amped up guy with bad breath…enlighten me ;)

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mount and do!

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@uber: you mean balderdash right?

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ahhhh poopy. stupid spelling. Thanks sndfreQ ^_^
in light of my horrendous spelling i change my previous answer.


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@uber: actually I liked Boulder Dash a lot better-the imagery brought up Mario running down some gauntlet being chased by giant meatballs! been playing wii with the kids today!

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@uber: boulder dash & ahhh poopy made me smile :)

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i always thought it was boulder dash :(

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I feel that the point of the question is lost

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@milesperry: True but the question was silly..Once that had been established, the collective is allowed to wander off-course, of course.


Only if you consume them while soaking for hours in a boiling hot tub first! Lol.

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