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Have you heard this tall tale about crickets and pin pointing the outside temperature?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) August 8th, 2012

I was once read that in a 60 second time span, if you count the amount of chirps a cricket makes, that would equal the temperature outside. Probably read it in a kids life science magazine or something back in the 90s. Any truth to this?

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It’s true.

What I like is it is in Fahrenheit, not Celsius. Celsius, like other metric measurements, does not have experiential relevance like Fahrenheit does.

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All I know is if in Croatia and the crickets stop making noise it means the temperature will drop soon.

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Woah. That’s amazing.

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Yes, I heard about crickets and the temperature many times.

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A guy on the NASA channel just said that, but that you add 37 to the number and it gives you the Farenheit temperature. Just today he said that. Less than 2 hours ago.

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That is really interesting! I’m going have to test it out soon.

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You have to wonder why there should be such a relationship. Being cold blooded, the cricket body temperature heats up as the temperature rises. Perhaps the chirping mechanism is more efficient when it gets warmer. There would not seem to be any reason to be able to sense the temperature and use it to adjust the chirping rate.

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@Trillian bastard must be a jelly-in-disguise!

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