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Do German houses have attics?

Asked by BBawlight (2427points) August 9th, 2012

I’m doing research for a fanfiction and Google isn’t helpful. They are in Wetzlar if that helps any.
Do houses in Germany have attics?

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My friend’s house in Leipzig had an attic, so I assume others do.

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Here’s a nice little villa in charming Grunwald with an attic. For 3.4 million euros, it’s yours.├╝nwald-bavaria-germany_VP64191155.html

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Attics are pretty much leftovers: the space between the roof and the house.

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I would think so. I think of Jews hiding and living in attics. But, I don’t know how valid that is. I’ll send your Q to German jellies. Seems all cold weather houses would have a decent amount of attic space.

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They usually do. Like cellars, they are a great place to store things you do not need right now.

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The most of the houses don’t have an attic. But some of the houses in cities have attic.

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Plenty. Not just in Wetzlar. Almost everywhere in Germany.

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