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What is your definition of a loser?

Asked by wundayatta (58663points) August 9th, 2012

It seems to me that there are losers who are losers because of the attitude they have, and then there are losers who are losers for no fault of their own. The former are real losers and even if they start winning, they’ll still be losers. The latter—well, their luck will turn and then they won’t be losers any more.

Examples and stories will be really helpful here. If you could describe someone you know who you think is a loser and then say why. It’ll make a clearer picture.

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My definition of a loser is a scrub. A scrub is a guy who can’t get no love from me. Hanging out the passenger side of his best friend’s ride, trying to holler at me.

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People who don’t try hard enough before giving up. And people without the sense to give up after trying their hardest many, many times for something that isn’t worth it.

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Just as an example, are the dictators of the world losers or winners? If it is about being successful at getting what you want, then it is a meaningless word.

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You asked, here is my definition…

A loser is somebody who feels sorry for themselves for reasons that they have created.

They eat too much and don’t exercise, look like shit and then complain about the media giving them low self esteem. They screw off in school, can’t read, can’t write, can’t add a couple of numbers and complain the system is working against them to keep them from getting a job.

They blame their parents for their failures, long after they have moved away from home.

They avoid failure by doing nothing, and imagine that is an effective strategy for living. They think disappointment is an aberration, heartbreak is punishment, challenges are evidence of injustice, and that life sucks.

I could go on and on.

They are everywhere, so why do you need examples. Look around you. Some of them are right here.

The bottom line is, in my opinion, that a true loser is self made.

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I don’t because I find the word to be pejorative to the point of not allowing for redemption or improvements in behavior. As in “you’ve lost”. Too finite (unless we’re discussing a competition of some kind, then sure… there are winners and losers).

I prefer to think of people based on their specific behavior. Unmotivated, self-pittying, always the victim, unsanitary, untrustworthy, etc. etc.

I’ve known lots of people like that. Some chose to improve their behavior, some did not. But I wouldn’t be arrogant enought to label them as a “loser”.

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I don’t fault people for things that they can’t control.. You’re not a loser for being in a tough situation, assuming you are at least trying to move forward. You are a loser if you choose to do nothing.

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Any loser has the potential of becoming a winner. The loser now will be later to win.
I would say a loser is someone who loses. That’s pretty much in the word. But it can be for all kinds of time periods: a minute, a month.
I don’t really think anyone should call somebody else a loser. I think the loser decides whether the loser is a loser or not.

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Interesting, @tups. Do you think people label themselves as losers? And if they do, are they always correct?

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I wanna know who the losers “right here” are.

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When I asked for examples, I didn’t mean specific individuals on fluther. I meant people in the public eye, or characterizations of a type. I’m just trying to understand how various other people think about it. It is not a term that I, personally, use very much, if at all.

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@nikipedia I can’t stop laughing…

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@nikipedia I too, am cracking up!

IMHO, losers are people who never try.

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People who take more than they give. That covers everything from an adult living in their parents’ basements to powerful politicians.

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@wundayatta Hm. I don’t know if they label themselves as losers in a direct way, but I guess maybe. It’s more that I don’t like the idea of somebody else defining another person. Like if I say you’re a waterhydrant, does that make you a waterhydrant? No, it just makes me stupid.

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Anyone who can be labeled with the greatest “sin” of all, that of a wasted life.

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@ucme How do you know if someone is wasting a life?

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And, now my crush on @nikipedia is a tad deeper.

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@nikipedia now that’s been stuck in my head since yesterday.

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@nicole29 How does your boyfriend find that? (ADDED: i.e the fact that he hollers at you) Does he find it funny?

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Losers are people who just give up at the first sign of opposition. So they move on to something else. Then give up that at the first sign of opposition. Losers like to feel sorry for themselves….and seem to believe that everyone else does too.

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@wundayatta There are a host of definitions that could qualify, but i’d say anyone who doesn’t reach their potential or fritters away a talent & makes a conscious decision to lead a lazy/unproductive lifestyle.

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A loser is someone who is satisfied with just existing.

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A loser is a person who keeps doing the same things over and over, but expects a different result each time.

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The only person that is a ‘loser’ is the one who treats themselves as such. That may be a narrow definition of loser, but I suppose I could say that there are many winners who are losers as well, by their arrogance and unwillingness to do good for others. Maybe I could even call people who would consider another person a loser losers themselves.

Since the term loser is so subjective, I’ll give a subjective definition of this term and agree with my first sentence above. Loser mentality is a mindset in the individual, and not an absolute term with an absolute definition.

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Hitler would call all who resisited him “losers”.

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Loser hmmm…what would I call a loser. Well here is one example…I knew this kid in high school who was constantly bullied. I became his only friend and a sholder to cry on. We used to hang out, I’d take him out with some friends, heck I acknowledged him…but his main concern was losing his virginity. He didnt get anything from me…i guess thats why he hates me today (6 years later) Anyway…then I graduated as did he…and he eventually got the sexin he wanted…and voila…somehow he turned into the biggest douchebag Ive ever seen. Apperantly he calls me names behind my back (slut, bitch etc.) and crashed atleat four of his tacky tuned cars as he fancied himself in tokyo drift…and for me…thats by far the most rediculous loser Ive even bothered helping out. I didnt put out so now he’s a dick? Now I know why he was bullied. I guess three years of friendship and helping him avoid any suicide attempts really meant nothing.

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